Term Life Insurance Quotes


Defining Affordable Term Life Insurance?

This is a policy that provides the required life insurance to your beneficiaries in the event of your death during the policy period. It’s known as affordable term life insurance due to the fact that it’s active only for a particular period or term. As a result, the policy has zero cash value factor and the terms operate in a multiple of 5 years.

Affordable term life insurance functions better with individuals that have families that live on your income/care. Therefore, one disadvantage of this policy is that it’s terminated as the term period ends. You now have to qualify again for a new insurance policy to be able to increase the coverage.

Affordable Term Life Insurance

Would an Affordable Term Life Insurance Policy work well for you?

Most people will give a positive response.
Term life has been the most accepted affordable term life insurance choice in the U. S. – and for an adequate cause.

It has the best coverage, dollar for dollar, and most customers don’t even notice the monthly fee. Many people say that the fee is cheaper than a standard monthly gym registration.

Cost Variation?

Likewise, you should be aware that fixed affordable term life insurance charges about 3-20 times more than term insurance with the same coverage quantity.

Affordable Term Life Insurance Companies

We leave all options to you; we do not support policies or citations from any particular company.

While making comparisons easy for our customers instead. Here at Coach B. we only signify and quote companies with high ratings, offering you the ability to search for your most convenient rate peacefully.

Go through the table below to find out more about the times for authorization for top-rated companies that are cited for term life insurance.



AIG American General

14 – 30 Days

      American National Insurance Company

7 – 14 Days


1 – 10 Days

Mutual of Omaha

10 – 30 Days

Questions About Affordable Term Life Insurance Rates By Age?

Coach B. leaves all options to you; we do not support policies or citations from any particular company.

Therefore, we do make comparisons easy for our customers instead. We only signify and quote companies with high ratings, offering you the ability to search for your most convenient rate peacefully.

Go through the table below to find out more about the ratings and times for authorization for top-rated companies that are cited for affordable term life insurance.

Does My Health Change The Cost

Just like almost all kinds of insurances, affordable term life insurance is risky. As a result, the healthier you are, the less risky you are, and also the better rates you will get on life insurance.

Listed below are the rates and health categories that you could be qualified for.

Normal rates are based on different conditions. However, for an elaborate rating, we prefer having a conversation with our friendly, authorized Coach B. agent.

What Is My Health Class?

The same questions a usual life insurance company would ask is what a Coach B. Agent will ask to assist you to the right term life insurance company that properly understands your condition.

By this, you get a better understanding of where the premium would be. 

Similarly, if you think you have a health issue that might not get approved, like depression and anxiety, It’s certainly a good idea to call and talk to a Coach B. Agent because we can’t help if you don’t call.  800-342-1537.

Life Insurance Health Class

The Cost of a Life Insurance Policy is Based on Your Health

Affordable term life insurance is based on risk. The healthier you are, the less of a risk you are, and the better your rates will be.

Below, you’ll find an estimate of what health class and what rate you could be eligible for.

Actual rates depend on a variety of conditions. For a detailed estimate, we recommend speaking to one of our friendly, licensed Coach B. agents.

Affordable Life Insurance

Great Health: Affordable Term Life Insurance Quotes

Though perfect health might sound frightening, it’s absolutely fey common. It doesn’t need you to go to the gym every day.

Individuals from 20 years to 35 that avoid products from tobacco and have a normal weight compared to their gender and height have a good opportunity of qualifying for a good rate.

However, if the present (or past) state of your health could influence your affordable term life insurance rate, you probably should call so we can talk to an underwriter for your particular situation.

Rates are examples only and subject to change.

Standard Term Life Insurance QuotesStandard Term: Affordable Life Insurance Quotes

Affordable Term life insurance is a good policy for individuals in search of reasonably priced coverage; however, the history of their health won’t be flawless.

The price for term health insurance is still affordable if your health is generally okay and you are still young; even though you aren’t eligible for an ideal health class.

We strongly advise you to give us a call at 800-342-1537 to know the adequate insurance policy that works for you.

Rates are examples only and subject to change.

Term Life Insurance Quotes

Cheap Life Insurance Without Medical Exam

If you have a current health problem, it’s not impossible to get good term life insurance, and it could be quite affordable.

Our agents at Coach B. are skilled in not just recognizing different health situations but also being familiar with the life insurance agencies that are moderate concerning these problems.

Life insurance agencies have different ways of seeing a different state of health. Therefore, it’s necessary to operate with independent agents that are aware of how your exclusive condition will be handled by various insurance companies. This is important in getting the most favorable rate. 

Frequently Ask Life Insurance Questions

Term life insurance is a temporary form of life insurance that lasts for a specific period of time (the “term”). Once you have a term life insurance policy in place, the policy will only end after the time period has elapsed, if the benefit has been paid out, or if you stop paying on the policy (if you let it “lapse”).

When it comes to buying life insurance and finding the best value for your money, term life insurance is undeniably the best option. Although whole life insurance provides lifetime coverage and an accrual of cash value, the monthly cost is usually much higher and the payout is significantly lower when compared with term life insurance.


Employer-provided life insurance benefits are a great perk, but it’s not wise to rely upon them as your sole source of protection. Why? Because your employer owns the policy and can change the benefit at any time. Group term life insurance policies rarely pay out. That’s because most people who end up needing the insurance are no longer able to work or no longer have access to the benefits (due to a change of employment, unemployment, taking a leave without pay, etc.).

We recommend that everyone have a stand-alone individual term life insurance policy as their main source of protection.

No exam term life insurance is becoming extremely popular, as more people either wish to avoid the exam or just don’t want to deal with the inconvenience. While the underwriting process is still the same for these types of policies when it comes to reviewing some of your other information, being able to skip the medical exam helps make the process quicker.

While no exam term life insurance policies are marginally higher in cost, they provide the same quality of coverage as a traditionally underwritten policy.

No. Term life insurance is simply temporary life insurance coverage. It’s not designed to have any type of cash value. You die, the policy pays. Simple and straightforward.

Long-term care can be added to a life insurance policy in two ways: with a long-term care rider or a living benefits rider.

Long-term care riders are becoming less common, but a few insurance companies do provide them as an additional coverage option for a higher price. Just like stand-alone long-term care plans, long-term care riders help cover the costs you would incur if you were placed in a long-term care environment.

Living benefits riders are gradually becoming more commonplace, and many insurance companies offer them at no additional cost. This type of coverage allows you to cash out part of your benefits to cover long-term care if you receive a diagnosis of a chronic or terminal illness. This additional coverage helps offset some of the costs associated with treatment, including long-term care, as well as end-of-life preparations.