The Truth about Accidental Death Benefit Insurance

Accidental Death insurance will only pay out the death benefit if you die from an accident.

accidental death benefit insurance

Life is full of unexpected happenings. If you by chance left the world because of an accident, you will leave your family with nothing. It is a reality that is happening, especially for untimely death due to accidents. That is why preparation for the future is essential to secure the future of your loved ones. Also, if you are lucky enough to survive an accident, there maybe serious injuries that you may endure.

Furthermore, many survivors are having a hard time paying for their hospitalization as well as treatment. If you want to stay away from this burden, you need to find out more about Accidental Death Benefit Insurance. 

What are Accidental Deaths?

accidental death ohioAccording to CDC statistics, almost 13,000 deaths related to accidents every year in the United States. Today, it is in the fourth place of the common causes of death. It is an alarming number of deaths because of accidents. 

Accidents can happen anytime to the most unexpected event that can cause mild to serious injury, and most of the time death. It is sudden and unpredictable that no one can control. Accidental death involves road accidents, machinery, suffocation, unintentional poisoning, fall or slip, drowning, and many more events that can cause a person’s untimely demise. The accidental death benefit covers most of these events. 

Therefore, if you are driving your car, riding a bus, or an airplane involved in an accident and you die, you can get a death benefit. Additionally, it can also help the survivor to cope up and get back to their normal life. So, it means that an accidental death benefit does not only cover for death. It is also for the insured who survives an accident. It covers loss of some part of the body, hearing loss, paralysis, burns that affect more than 20% of the body. An experienced agent from Coach B. Life Insurance can explain to you more about your coverage.

Accidental Death Life Insurance

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Importance of Accidental Death Benefit

career and hobbies affect life insurance ratesToday, accidents are rampant in different parts of the world, especially if you like to travel. Getting this type of insurance coverage makes a lot of sense. The best thing to do is add it as a rider on top of a standard life plan. If an insured dies within 90 days with this type of coverage, then the beneficiary will be able to get twice the actual death benefit. It is the reason why it is also called a double indemnity clause. 

However, this clause is not typically included in a normal life plan. Adding it to the policy as a rider will make the monthly premium a bit higher than the usual. If you think you can pay for it, why not get one. It can largely benefit you and your family in case of an accident. Furthermore, you do not need to die to get the benefit.

Moreover, you have the liberty to buy it as a standalone policy, but the coverage is not enough. It will only cover death caused by an accident.

What are the Exclusions?

weedAnyone who is planning to get one must become aware of the exclusions. It is just normal for insurers to do an investigation thoroughly. It is to find out if death is caused by accident and not other forms of death. These exclusions may vary according to the state and insurer. The following are common exclusions:

  • Self-inflicted accident, suicide, or attempt to take their life is excluded.
  • If there is .08 percent or higher alcohol in the blood
  • A person taking a drug that is not prescribed by a doctor
  • Insured involve in any illegal activity.
  • Injuries and death caused by serving in the military
  • If the insured participates in dangerous hobbies

These samples are enough to guess other possible exclusions, but you can always contact Coach B. if you are in doubt. 

Who can Benefit from Accidental Death Benefit Insurance?

No one wants to die without saying goodbye to your loved ones. However, it can happen to anyone at any age. It is better to prepare than be sorry. The shocking number of accidents can tell you that you really need this type of security. 

The best people who can take advantage of this insurance coverage cannot get approved for the traditional life plan. Unfortunately, some people cannot get life insurance. It is good news for many that they can apply for guaranteed issue accidental death benefits as a form of protection. It is the best option than having nothing at all. If it applies to you, you can apply for a life insurance policy and immediately get the security you need.

Furthermore, it is the fastest way to get insurance coverage. People who like to travel and feel the need to secure themselves can get one. There is nothing wrong with thinking ahead. Traveling is a risky activity as there is a chance of dying in a plane crash. It is not like you are planning for your death because no one wants to die. However, it is good to be safe rather than giving your family a burden in case something does happen. If you feel the need to secure your life before traveling, you can apply and get approval on the same day. Lastly, it is a coverage that can offer the best deal and for an affordable premium.

Compare and buy life insurance

Compare and buy life insurance

What is in the Policy?

Life insurance basics 101If you are interested in accidental death benefit quotes, you can always contact Coach B. Life Insurance at #800-342-1537. You may also visit Coach B. Life Insurance’s website and find out the best answers to your queries. You can acquire the information without the need to even talk to anyone. There is a chance to acquire a coverage amounting to $50,000 up to $250,000. 

Above all, acquiring one is very easy and less hassle. Once you are ready, you can fill out an application online. Hence, it will just take not more than 20 minutes of your precious time. It is a type of no medical exam insurance, as you can get it the same day of your application. No one wants to get into an accident, but it is part of everyday life. It is true because life is very unpredictable. It is best to secure your life and the future of your family with accidental death benefit coverage.

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