Life Insurance Policy from Walmart: What it can Offer You?

While waiting in line at Walmart to pick up your next prescription, why not purchase a little life insurance to take home with it?  Why not? BECAUSE IT’s A BAD IDEA!

life insurance policy from walmart

Life Insurance Policy from Walmart: What it can Offer?

walmartWalmart, one of the largest retail outlets, is working with MetLife to offer life insurance policies to their clients. They are now piloting an insurance product in the United States’ southeast area in their 200 stores situated in South Carolina and Georgia. 

These policies are specifically designed for those people who want some security for a short period at a very affordable price. It is not long term coverage as it can only offer a one-year policy. Also, it has a death benefit of $10,000 for people ages 18 to 44 years old with a minimum payment of $69. The elderly, ages 60 to 65, need to pay a higher premium of about $429 for one year and get $25,000 death benefits.

Walmart term life insurance

Purchasing a life insurance policy from Walmart is very different from the traditional one. The process is straightforward, and it is available for all. A customer of Walmart can buy the card as the price for the entire policy. There is no need for any quotation, so it makes the process a lot easier.

After the purchase, the customer will receive a call from MetLife. Just like a typical insurance provider, they will ask for a few questions about your health condition. After the questioning, if you get approval, then MetLife will activate your policy right away. However, there is also a chance of denial. In case you got denied, then you may get a refund directly from Walmart.

Before getting yourself into one year deal, it is best to know everything about this policy. The following are important facts to remember. 

Is Walmart life insurance in the best interest of the policyholder?

modified life insuranceObviously, the primary purpose of this type of life insurance policy from Walmart is to provide convenience. The only step that an applicant needs to make is to apply for the policy. However, there is no chance to make a comparison to other policies. Also, Walmart serves as a bridge for customers to apply for the policy, but they still need to communicate with MetLife. It is always the provider who has the authority to control who will get approval or denial. 

According to statistics, almost 33 percent of Americans do not hold any security in a life insurance policy from Walmart. There are 50% who want to try to get one, and these are the target clients of Walmart and MetLife. These are people who they want to persuade by buying coverage the easy way. 

Moreover, according to an insurance agency, MetLife likely declines 50% who applied for Walmart’s instant issue policy. In that case, every second person who will apply for it will indeed be denied. In short, it is such a waste of time to try to apply for one. There is still a higher chance of getting approval from a traditional life insurance policy.

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Metlife Walmart life insurance

MetLife Life InsuranceFurthermore, some accused MetLife of just cost-cutting by leaving the need for middlemen or agents. This process allows them to sell their product directly to clients. However, a spokesperson from MetLife, Shane Winn, denied the allegation. He said that MetLife and Walmart’s partnership is not about cost-cutting. The company wants to reach a segment in the market that remains untapped by many traditional insurance providers. 

However, from the MetLife report, they stated that one goal is to reduce their expenses to $600 million. Therefore, one of the huge costs is paying for middlemen or agents.

universal lifeWho Wants To Protect The Interest Of Customers?

Insurance agencies like Coach B. are dealing with diverse insurance providers. It is an agent who is not directly connected to any insurers and does not have any incentive. Therefore, they will not push any client to choose a particular insurer. The main goal of agents from Coach B. is to help clients to find the best deal according to their needs. 

Moreover, an insurance company selling their products through a partner means that it has a strong interest in the insurer’s products. In that case, with Walmart and MetLife partnership, so they will work harder to make a sell. A Life insurance policy from Walmart may or may not have the best interest of customers. 

One of the marketing strategies of MetLife is the use of the cartoon character Snoopy which is a popular one. Also, the choice of color, which is yellow, attracts customers to find out what the product can offer. It is available within the baby section and pharmacy.

Some people visiting a pharmacy store to buy medicines may think that getting a short term life insurance policy from Walmart for their security is a good choice. Also, making it available in the baby section is a wise strategy. It is trying to convince especially new parents to secure the future. Another reason is the impulsive buying of people shopping inside Walmart.

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