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An Introduction to Online Life Insurance Quotes

In just minutes, Coach B. Insurance can help you find the right online life insurance coverage at an affordable price.


People who want to buy life insurance online instantly have lots of questions in mind. The most important question is where and how to purchase life insurance. It is good to know that one can easily buy life insurance online. Please find out how online life insurance quotes have taken it to the next level.

Face-to-face vs. Online Life Insurance

 Before Online Life Insurance Quotes

More than ten years ago, there are various ways on how one can acquire life insurance, such as:

  • Call and set-up a meeting with a life insurance agent
  • Look for phone numbers of life insurance providers
  • Ask some friends for a referral to life insurance agent they use
  • Sign all important documents
  • Physically go for medical exam and look for possible options
  • Wait for the company’s answer

Now Introducing Online Life insurance Quotes No Phone Calls

Life insurance providers already streamlined the process, and they made it very easy.

  • Get an online life insurance quote
  • Compare different insurers
  • Fill out their online application form

The process is as simple as that!

Online Life Insurance Process

Get A Quote

Choose the term and coverage amount you want


Compare quotes from all of the top-rated companies


Answer a few questions- takes about 10 minutes


Once you start paying your premium the policy will go into effect

Why Get Life Insurance?

According to statistics, more than 40% of Americans will leave their family in financial distress by the time of their death. Also, only 57% of Americans have life insurance to go to their families by 2020. It is essential to realize that death and taxes are very unpredictable. Sadly, only 4 out of 10 Americans are prepared for it.

A survey shows that the most common reason Americans acquire life insurance is to cover funeral expenses and pay for their debt. After these two, another reason is to secure their family and income replacement.

There are two types of policy to choose from when it comes to cheap

life insurance: term and whole life. These two are great financial plans that make provision in case of unfortunate events. It does not only cover debt and expenses, but it will secure your family from financial burden after that tragic moment.

Most policies may come with riders that you can purchase together with the contract. These riders can offer retirement security and additional financial independence right after reaching a certain age.Life insurance basics 101

Moreover, each life insurance policy is crafted according to the applicant’s needs, desires, and current financial condition. There are lots of factors to think of when buying life insurance. That is why it is imperative to contact a company that can answer all your inquiries and helps you by providing a tailor-made policy for you.

Despite the option for online purchases, 71% of Americans still choose to discuss their life insurance choices and need in person. In 2020, only 28% out of 71% was millennial. Therefore, the rest of the numbers are baby boomers who are now at the right age to get life insurance. Mostly, they want to talk about this vital matter in person and not to deal with the computer.

Life insurance is a vital subject to discuss, and sooner or later, people will realize its importance. Whether they purchase a policy now or not, they will reach a point in their life when they need to think of getting one.

The Growth of Online Life Insurance Quotes

There are 773 insurance providers in the United States as of the year 2018. The number might seem like a lot, but it decreased in number compared to its booming industry in the ’90s. However, America still holds the largest market for life insurance in the world. The United States’ insurance industry is substantial as it continuously improves and optimizes its products and services.

 After the industry started to go online, the trend of buying online does not increase. Only one-third of the baby boomers and Millenials adapted to this new technology. People who experience shopping for life insurance online shared their thoughts about it. Most of them experience the ease of use and accurate information to compare prices, policies, and company ratings.

The Threat of Covid-19 and Life Insurance 
Covid 19 and Life InsuranceA shift of events happened in 2020 after the arrival of the Covid-19 Pandemic. This unforeseen event made it necessary to transfer all-important customer interaction processes into a 100% digital platform. The life insurance industry does not have any choice but to conform to the new normal and commit to online services.

As a result, people need to and adapt to the quarantined nature of the Pandemic. Everything needs to be done remotely without the need to face someone to protect health and life.

In just months, 80% of clients looking for life insurance are now conducting transactions online. Insurers were under pressure to set up online platforms that will allow the growing demand for self-service. The life insurance industry has spent over $571,000,000 in software and artificial intelligence technology. This technology provides a secure platform for payment security, product advice, and automation.

Unfortunately, it is not only the life insurance industry that has been hit hard. No matter the nature of the business, every company needs to improve its online accessibility. It is to make sure that they can offer the best online purchase experience through computers, tablets, and smartphones. Most Americans moved to digital transactions as part of their everyday routine. Also, they become more mindful of their spending habit and focus more on needs rather than wants.

The question is, will this habit of online transactions continue after the Covid-19 Pandemic has surpassed?

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Learning to Shop Online And Compare Life Insurance Quotes

According to statistics, the move to online shopping and transactions has changed for an indefinite period. Therefore, the Americans thinking of doing face-to-face meetings and shopping for goods and services has shifted to online platforms. More and more companies are now moving to the digital world because of its cost reduction, efficiency, and automation. Today, it is not cost-efficient to make transactions on a personal level.

Insurers are now investing more to update their digital marketability and to offer better products and services online. It benefits users because they can now get all the information they need online and control their future.

However, there are still some hesitations for some people to get life insurance online. They are hesitant to sign a contract and make online payments.

 For the last 160 years, Americans’ life expectancy has doubled, and the population is increasing. That is why insurers need to rethink how their products and services will work under the pressure of increasing life expectancy and the digital revolution. Today, most Americans live beyond the age of 78 years old, and most seniors live below the poverty line.

Therefore, Millenials who observe this trend now realize the importance of securing their future through life insurance as early as possible.

Now, getting life insurance is becoming a necessity and not an option anymore. Insurers are taking two routes. One is shifting to 100% online operation.

Second, it is partly moving to an online process. However, both ways are beneficial to insurers to take advantage of the digital age and customer demand.

Types of Life Insurance

Multiple types of life insurance are available, including term life insurance, whole life insurance, universal life insurance, variable life insurance, and indexed universal life insurance. Each type of policy offers different protection levels and features, so it’s essential to understand the differences before deciding which is best for you.

Online Life Insurance Companies Vs. Coach B. Life Insurance

Both life insurance operations can offer a digital interface, ease of operation, and automation. Also, both of them are providing top-notch technology when it comes to AI in the market. The only difference is the fact that Coach B is still providing human intervention online. 

The following are vital components that offer online users a more comprehensive policy:

  • A secure platform that prevents any fraud by continually updating its security measures.
  • Ease of research that allows consumers to compare policies, quotations, and benefits online.
  • Continuous automation provides a more intuitive system that does not require constant overseeing and maintenance. 
  • Investment opportunities for consumers to determine which insurers can offer the best portfolio, products, and services.

Both ways of buying online insurance can offer excellent services and benefits to their clients. Today, consumers have better control of their policy without stepping out of the comfort of their homes. Whichever way you want to get life insurance, the important thing is to get an insurance policy that is right for your needs. 

Online Life Insurance Companies

Insurance providers offering 100% digital technology are dedicated to providing high-quality service. Today, these companies are at their advanced level when it comes to efficiency. The resurgence of online life insurance quotes over 50 will continue to grow. 

SBLI Life insuranceWith Coach B Life Insurance, you can access the best online life insurance providers in The United States. Therefore, we can work with you to provide you easy access to one of these top-rated insurers. 

Today, online life insurance providers invest more in the three critical factors to fulfill their customer’s needs and achieve their financial goals and growth. The following factors are:

1. Personalize experience when it comes to services.

2. Develop a product that is flexible according to the unique needs of their clients.

3. Invest more in the skills and capabilities of their team to offer high-quality services.

Life insurance now is not only for mortality protection, but most providers target health management as a vital part of their insurance products. Companies would like to be a considerable part of their customer’s healthcare. 

Health and mortality plan is the latest trend and is extremely important and easy to acquire. Also, both are benefits that consumers are looking for in their policy and coverage. 

Full-blown online insurance companies are 100% operating in an online platform. Therefore, there is no actual meeting, and users need to search the web, fill out an online application and wait for approval. 

Coach B Life Insurance
At Coach B. Life Insurance, we allow our users to take control of their quotes and decisions. Our agents are here to guide you and give accurate and sensible answers to your questions.

Coach B. is a life insurance broker, which means we have contacts with dozens of top-of-the-line insurance providers in the market. Also, our system already streamlined the process for you. Therefore, you will get both online technology and human interaction when looking for your life insurance policy.

Coach B’s online technology allows users to compare dozens of insurers online and choose benefits and packages that suit them best. Also, it is easy to find budget-friendly quotes uniquely crafted to the client’s current needs and financial situation. It allows users to scrutinize different insurers at the same time and apply online.

The best thing about Coach B. is that it managed to retain human intervention in its online operations. Buying habits may change over the years, but 71% of Americans prefer to discuss their insurance needs personally. The decision to acquire a policy is not only a financial decision but an emotional and personal one.

Furthermore, 56% of Americans are uncomfortable talking about death because it is a sensitive topic. Also, some studies found out that as people get older, they became more emotional when talking about death. Talking about this topic is tricky, according to statistics. That is why it is vital to have an expert to guide people through this challenging time. Therefore, you are not alone when trying to face the reality of death.

Coach B. allows potential policyholders to talk to an expert agent and disclose their need for life insurance. Users may discuss their lifestyle, future goals, health status, and budget without hesitations. Aside from online technology, Coach B. invested heavily in trained and licensed agents to answer all your questions.

You may throw any questions you have in mind, and our agents will answer them as honestly as possible. Also, they will guide you to find a plan that is personally tailor-made for you.

The company believes that modern technology does not have to forget about traditions and old ways of conversing with people personally. All you need to do is to dial our number 1- 800-342-1537 and talk to one of our agents.

People already know that discussing end-of-life plans with their loved ones is critical, but only half can do it. Coach B. understands and acknowledges this psychological fact by providing professional people that can handle your questions.

Artificial Intelligence cannot erase a human element in any service. Numbers show that people still crave connection and conversation with a human touch. Particularly during a very stressful time like this when you face the reality of the need to acquire life insurance.

Although it seems morbid to talk about and plan about death, it is a fact that we should accept as part of life. It is today more than ever that we should think of protecting our future and our family’s welfare. Now is the right time to get the best rates on packages and policies online, as many insurers are now offering online insurance services.

Delaying life insurance purchase might be a costly mistake. The perfect policy that matches your needs is just one click away. The trend of lower rates and comprehensive packages continuous, and you should not let it pass.

That is why Coach B offers top-of-the-line services in the market. We are here to help you secure your future and your family’s wellbeing by providing state-of-the-art technology with a human touch.

Frequently Ask Questions

Can you buy life insurance completely online?

Yes, you can buy life insurance entirely online. Most life insurance companies have streamlined their underwriting process and offer the ability to purchase a policy online in as little as 15 minutes. The process is secure, and your personal information will be kept safe.

Can I buy life insurance without an agent?

Yes, you can purchase life insurance without an agent. Many life insurance companies offer a direct-to-consumer option so you can compare quotes, apply for coverage, and purchase a policy without working with an agent.

What is the cheapest form of life insurance?

The best term life insurance is typically the cheapest life insurance policy, as it only provides coverage for a specific period. Whole and universal life policies are typically more expensive due to their added benefits and cash value build-up.

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In the years since then, he has worked tirelessly to improve the process of shopping for insurance. His goal is to make sure that everyone who comes to Coach B. — whether they end up buying a policy or not — has the best possible experience.

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