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The Truth about MIB Insurance Report

Learn how life insurance companies protect against fraud and keep your rates low.


The MIB Insurance Report

Life insurance basics 101The MIB is a large group with diverse members in The United States and Canada, with 500 members of different insurance providers. It is known before as the Medical Information Bureau, and it was created in 1902 to give security to insurance providers against fraudulent acts.

The MIB ensures their database’s confidentiality, and only members can access all information within the system. 

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Each member can exchange information about specific people and issue a report. Furthermore, the MIB also gives full disclosure to consumers about their files. It is a huge company, but many are not aware of it. In fact, the MIB is more known in regards to the famous movie “Men in Black” than they are a medical fraud agency.

Mib Insurance Meaning

Honesty is very important when it comes to applying for a life insurance policy. Although a cliché, it is the best policy if you want to get the “policy” you need. 

Also, it pays to know more about the MIB or previously known as the Medical Information Bureau. It is an agency that is responsible for reporting important information that insurance providers need. The main purpose of it is to safeguard the interest of insurers against fraud. 

Telling the truth will not only leave you at peace, but it also has a lasting effect on your credibility. Hence, you will be able to get the best deal when you apply for life insurance. The following are essential things to know about the MIB insurance report.

How MIB Insurance Database Operates With Information On The Insurance Application

No Medical exam term life insuranceMIB, as described, is an agency that uses an information exchange system. All members contribute to the information by also giving underwriting information about their clients to the database. Any information will help other members who will do their search later on during the underwriting process. In addition, insurance companies still ask for the authorization of applicants before doing it. 

All information within the MIB database is secured and protected using a format that only verified members could access. Once you apply for insurance, you are giving the insurer the authority to use MIB as a source of information. 

Moreover, a report from the MIB consists of previous and current records about health, medications, prescription drugs, hobbies, driving records, and anything that has a huge impact on your application and risks as an insured. All reports will alert the insurance providers about possible errors or misinterpretations on the applicant’s application process intentionally or unintentionally. 

When it comes to the report and your application, the insurer will conduct a thorough investigation to get more critical information in case of inconsistency. It is done right before they come up with a decision. After confirmation, then the insurer will decide whether to accept or deny your application.

It is the main duty of the MIB to secure your privacy, so you should not fret. They have a strict security standard in place to safeguard the confidentiality of people whose information is within the MIB system. Also, MIB does not store and save confidential records such as medical results, doctor’s name, and more. Hence, they only get the underwriting files or the reasons for the denial of the application. They made use of simple codes with encryption to secure the information.

Moreover, MIB does not collect and save credit information as well as a list of prescription drugs. The group member-only shares codes for a specific medical condition that can affect your level of insurability.

Mib insurance check

MIB, short for Medical Information Bureau, is an insurance claims database managed by the Council of Better Business Bureaus (CBBB). It collects and stores confidential medical records and accident-related information shared between participating life, disability, and health insurance companies to help protect consumers from potential insurance fraud. To perform an accurate MIB Insurance Check, your doctor or healthcare provider must usually provide your name and Social Security number.

Mib website

The website for the Mutual Insurance Bureau (MIB) is mib.com. This website provides information on the services and benefits of MIB membership, including coverage levels, discounts, and programs at no additional cost to members. Additionally, the website offers a variety of resources and educational materials related to risk management in business and more.

Mib report

The MIB report, also known as the Medical Information Bureau report, is a confidential report compiled by the Medical Information Bureau that chronicles and stores consumers’ medical history. This report is designed to help life insurance companies determine and administer policy benefits. Consumers can request copies of their report to make sure it is free from inaccuracies.

Mib database life insurance

The Medical Information Bureau (MIB) is a non-profit membership organization that maintains a database used by life insurance companies to assess risk and to help fight fraud. This database collects medical history information provided by life insurance applicants or enrollees and can be used to process claims more quickly or deny coverage in cases where health issues or previous insurance applications indicate an elevated risk to the insurer.

Medical information bureau phone number

The Medical Information Bureau’s phone number is (800) 676-4556.

Always be Honest

Marijuana and life insuranceThere are cases of honest mistakes, but there are also people who want to lie. In case of inconsistency on the information, you provided, for example, a medical condition or list of prescription drugs. The insurer will indeed find out the truth when applying for life insurance.

Insurance providers can access the pharmacy report and know your list of medications taken and currently taking. If you are not honest about it, then you already have a red tag on your name. There will be a red alert over your name within the MIB database that will remain for seven years. Therefore, you will get a denial of the application, and you cannot apply again to any insurance. Being dishonest is not worth it because you will lose your chance of getting insured.

Another situation that likely affects your insurance application is when you had high blood sugar three years ago. In case you apply for insurance coverage today, then the insurer will access this information from three years ago. The MIB will provide the insurer a code saying about blood sugar. It will not give detailed information about the result or how high it is. They will not know how severe or mild your medical case is, so it is still up to the insurer to decide.

Typically, insurance providers will conduct an in-depth investigation of your health condition. Hence, they will decide whether to grant your application, deny or ask for modification. Above all, all information is again very confidential and only shared in members and codes.

Honesty Can Lower Costs

The information within the MIB database is exclusive only to its members. It will help the underwriting process to access your risk level and eligibility for life insurance coverage. Services provided by MIB will alert insurers about errors, misinterpretation, and the omission of important information by the applicant during their application process. Hence, it can also help applicants to get a lower monthly premium in case of good standing.

A fraudulent act will not only affect the person who did it but also everyone who has a policy within the company. The company may increase the premium or impose stricter guidelines. Also, the insurers may increase rates, decrease dividends, or make crucial adjustments that will affect all insured. Any loss can have a huge impact on an insurance provider.

MIB is a huge help for the insurance industry to remain steadfast to give and guarantee the security of their insured’s policy. The MIB aids insurers save a considerable amount of money, amounting to $1 billion per year. By protecting insurers from the risks of giving policy to anyone who wants to commit fraud. Thus, it also helps consumers get the best life insurance coverage according to their needs.

Request for Consumer File

As a consumer, it is also possible to if one exists. It is the right of every US and Canadian citizen to request one. The good thing about it is the fact that it is for free. One can request at least a copy of it every year free of charge. 

In case you get a negative underwriting report from the insurer, it will indicate that its MIB record has something to do with the result. The good thing is that you will also receive a copy of the report from the MIB. Anyone can get a free copy of the Consumer File. Furthermore, it is aside from the annual free copy you are entitled to request.

Moreover, right before you request the free Consumer File, you should become aware that you will not have any file unless you apply for any insurance with an underwritten process for the past seven years. Also, the insurance provider you applied for must be a verified member of the MIB. If not, then they do not have the right to give or get any information from MIB. 

Therefore, a person may not have a file within the MIB if:

  • you applied for the insurance underwriting process that is more than seven years ago;
  • you applied for insurance that is not intended for individual application;
  • you applied with an insurer that is not a member of the MIB.

If you applied before and granted with a standard or preferred risk level, you will not have any file in MIB. If you are in good health condition and life coverage, you are not part of the MIB database.

Coach B. Life Insurance

At Coach B. life Insurance, we only transact and get a quote from a verified MIB members. You can rest assured that you will only get a policy from reputable insurers. Also, you can ensure that your confidentiality is protected through MIB’s strict privacy guidelines. 

One of the most critical decisions for the applicant is the type and how much coverage they need. It is good to know that Coach B’s expert and experienced agents can guide you from the first step to the last step. They will assess your individual needs and give appropriate recommendations. If you want to save time, get the life insurance coverage that you need in no time, you need to dial 1-800-342-1537 and talk to one of our best agents.

Frequently Asked Questions

How far back does a MIB report go?

MIB reports typically contain information from the past seven years, although some might go back a decade. The information can include any previous medical exams, lab tests, treatments, or hospitalizations, and it is all kept securely on file for insurance companies to review.

Can you request your MIB report?

Yes, you can request your MIB report. The MIB Consumer File Request form must be completed, signed, and mailed to the address indicated on the form for processing. Completing the form entitles you, as a consumer, to a copy of your Personal MIB Consumer File maintained by MIB Group Inc.

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