Why Women Need Life Insurance?

Ensuring you have life insurance on the women of the house is a vital part of financial planning for the family.

Why Women Need Life Insurance

Working Women

Modern women nowadays are doing diverse roles. They are not anymore found inside the house. Women are now working in the corporate world and at the same time inside the house. It means that their importance to their family and society is undeniable. It is the reason why modern women today need to safeguard their future with life insurance. Hence, no matter what your role is in society as a woman, it is important to be secured. 

Many women in this modern time are thinking of earning more money than their partners. Also, some are the breadwinner of the family or a single mother. Hence, even a stay at home mother is worthy of life insurance. The responsibility and need of the family for a woman is high. It boils down to a decision and become financially responsible. A loss of salary in the household is a massive blow to financial stability. It is especially true for single mothers. 

It does not matter the kind of life policy you chose. Life insurance is inevitable for all women, and it is your right and duty to get one. The good news is insurance coverage for women are cheaper than for men. It is effortless for them to fit into any policy that is within their budget.

According to statistics, almost 57 percent of the workforce is dominated by women. Despite this fact, most women are still not covered by any life insurance. Nearly 43 percent of adult women today do not have life insurance. Furthermore, insured individuals only get a quarter of the actual coverage they need to cover all future expenses. Above all, women earning $100,000 are less likely to acquire coverage than men with similar income levels. 

Insurance Coverage as a Replacement For Income

Universal LifeMany insurers are thinking that misinformation is preventing many women from getting the life insurance that they need. 

If your family depends mainly on your monthly salary, then a policy can cover lost income. It is especially true for an untimely demise. In case of your death, your family can quickly recover, and it will give them enough time to look for an alternative income. Also, it can cover all the costs of the funeral and other expenses related to it. It might sound unpleasant for many, but it is the reality nowadays. As a breadwinner, it is your responsibility to help your family recover after your loss. 

How much does life insurance cost?

For the Stay at Home Mothers

If you are a stay at home mother, do not think that you are not worthy of life insurance. It is important to value yourself because there is a monetary equivalent to what you do at home. In fact, it has a very high dollar value. The family’s dedication and work are vital to their overall welfare, the same as working outside the house. The money that one can get after the death of a stay at home mother is very beneficial. It can be used to hire a nanny for your little children or parent in senior years. 

Why Women Need Life Insurance? If They are Single

If you are not yet married or planning to be single forever, you need an acceptable life insurance policy. These are some helpful questions that you need to answer. 

  • Are you taking care of aging parents or siblings?
  • Do you have an unpaid debt?
  • Are you a guardian of little children?

If you are saying yes, then you badly need insurance coverage. For unpaid debt, a lender or the bank will result in taking anything you own to pay off your debt after you die. In the case of a co-signer, they will be the ones to suffer. Above all, it is cheaper to buy insurance while you are still younger. 

How much coverage do you need?

When it comes to coverage, the general rule of thumb is to multiply your income by 15 times. It is the amount of life insurance that your family needs to become stable after your death. However, it depends on your current age. Need more help try this Life insurance calculator.

Why woman need life insurance

For all mothers who devote their time to the family, you must not fall short when it comes to the amount of insurance coverage. All moms can refer to salary.com to know the current income a stay at home mom should receive per year. It can help you estimate how much coverage you need. An estimate of $120,000 per year is the value of your hard work as a full-time mother.

As the CEO of your house, if a stay-at-home spouse passes on, there needs to be someone to handle all the household duties. The cost of hiring someone to replace your job takes a lot of money.

Why Women Pay a Lesser Amount for Life Insurance?

It is important to find out how insurers are pricing life insurance. Most insurance companies make use of life expectancy, gender, and current age as a basis. However, some factors can affect the price. It can make pricing higher than usual. If you are engaging in risky activities, working in a dangerous environment, or being a smoker, expect a higher premium.

There is a difference between the premium for men and women. It is because the life expectancy of men is short than women. Many surveys attest that women, most of the time, outlive men by five years or more. Men likely to develop the cardiovascular disease earlier compared to women. The longer life expectancy and your current health status will give you a lower monthly premium.

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How to look for the best policy?

Insurance providers offer similar packages for both men and women. You have the liberty of whether to go for a package with a specific period or opt for a permanent life plan. Also, there is an option for no medical exam or medical life insurance application.  It is good to know your specific goals, financial status, needs, and current family situation. for instance, a single working woman’s insurance needs are different from a single mother or stay at home. No matter your situation, Coach B. at Coach B. Life Insurance can help you find the perfect life insurance package that will match your needs. Speak to an agent today at 1-800-342-1537.

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