Final Expense Life Insurance For Seniors

Are you looking to pay for end-of-life expenses? Then Final expense life insurance, or burial insurance, can take care of that, but at a higher premium than term life insurance.

Final Expense Features:

  • Whole life insurance – doesn’t expire if premiums are paid
  • Cash value – policy loan available to insured
  • Fixed premiums 
  • Simplified issue – few health questions and no medical exam 
  • The application process is easy
  • Quick approvals – often issued in days
  • Affordable rates
final expense life insurance for seniors

Senior Care Final Expense Insurance

life insurance for seniorsHere at Coach B, we will provide you with the best final expense life insurance for seniors. To help cover things like funeral service and healthcare bill expenses. It is good to know that there is a type of life insurance covering these financial burdens for seniors. 

Moreover, the monthly premium paid during the policy will provide more than what your beneficiaries will receive by the time they need to make a claim. With a final expense life insurance for seniors plan, you can have peace of mind knowing that they are covered and leave their family without financial burden. 

Discover the Importance of Final Expense Life Insurance For Seniors

Medicare supplement insuranceSome call it burial insurance. It is to help the family of a deceased senior to pay for funeral expenses. The beneficiary will receive the death benefit by the time the insured passes away. Oftentimes, if without any insurance, family, and friends of the deceased are forced to get money out of their pocket to pay for funeral bills and other expenses. Getting this type of insurance will save your loved ones from this burden. 

A Unique Feature From  Final Expense Life Insurance:

  • It does not require an applicant to go through a medical examination
  • The insurer issues it usually within 48 hours
  • The amount of the coverage can range from $2,500 up to $100k
  • The monthly premium will never increase
  • The payout can be used for other purposes aside from funeral expenses

What Are The Requirements?

Preliminary Questions

life insurance application questionsThe following are questions that can determine if you can qualify for the final expense life insurance for seniors. In case you answer yes to at least one of these questions, then you might be eligible for one.

  • Is the applicant currently admitted to a hospital?
  • Is the applicant more than 89 years of age?
  • Is the applicant currently staying at a nursing home?
  • Is the applicant currently under hospice care?
  • Is the applicant has been advised by the doctor that he or she has only a year to live?
  • Is the applicant been diagnosed with a mental illness like dementia or Alzheimer’s disease?
  • Is the applicant been diagnosed with HIV or AIDS?

How Can Coach B. Life Insurance Help You?

  • Pricing- agents will work hard to get you the best coverage with rates that is favorable to you
  • Experience- agents working at Coach have years of experience and expertise to handle any case
  • Knowledge- gents will be able to answer all your inquiries and deal with the insurer on your behalf
  • Speed- we can usually get you your policy within 48 hours

Get A Final Expense Insurance Quote Online

Insurance company rates are constantly changing to account for new advancements in technology and healthcare. Every final expense company sets its prices based on specific underwriting criteria and actuarial data. The most accessible and most affordable policy with one carrier may not be the cheapest at another carrier. The best way to get the right policy is to speak with a Coach B. licensed agent who can get you a free quote that will work for your specific needs.

Many final expense plans exist, but finding which one is right for you? Finding one that will best provide the coverage with your family needs. Which will pay your claim the fastest? These are only a few questions to consider before choosing a provider, especially when protecting your family during the funeral process.


Common Question When It Comes To Final Expense And Burial Life Insurance

Why Do I Need To Apply For Final Expense Coverage?

Every year funeral expenses are getting higher, and you do not know when you will need one. Final expense coverage is a huge help to your family in case you pass away. Aside from the funeral cost, it can also aid in providing additional funds for your last days. It is in case you need to be hospitalized or take medicines. Also, your beneficiaries can use the funds for whatever purpose they choose.

What Does Burial And Final Expense Life Insurance Really Mean?

As its name implies, it is for people to become worry-free and debt-free at the time of their passing. This coverage can ensure that you will get the decent funeral service and healthcare you need during your last days. Also, it is a good feeling to leave your loved ones, knowing that they are secured.

What Does It Cover?

no medical examThe good thing about applying for one is that it is no medical exam life insurance that you can get right away. It does not matter what your health condition is. The insurer will not know. However, take note of the following questions above that makes you not eligible. The main purpose of buying burial insurance is to assist your loved one with financial obligations after passing. It will help them recover from your death, knowing that they are secured.

Who Can Benefit From Final Expense Coverage?

It is available for both men and women in the range of 50 to 85 years of age. If you are between this age bracket and looking for coverage that will cater for your funeral expenses and other final life expenses, then this is for you. The benefits that one can get from the coverage can also be used according to the beneficiaries’ needs.

Insurance Companies With The Best Final Expense Plans

When it comes to the best final expense plan, it is good to look for an insurer that can offer affordable rates with good coverage. Almost all insurers based their premium on the result of the underwriting process. The best way to get the best deal is to work hand in hand with an independent insurance agency like Coach B. Insurance.

Assurity Life Insurance CompanyThey are not working for a particular insurance provider. Coach B. is associated with different reputable insurance companies. They can search and look for policies that best fit you in terms of needs and budget. Companies like Mutual of Omaha, Assurity, Americo, SBLI, AIG, Fidelity Life.

How Much Does Final Expense Insurance Cost?

On average, a final expense policy will cost between $30-$75 a month depending on your sex, age, health, the amount you’re looking for and of course, the company you choose. If you are over 70 or have some health issues, you could be looking at $70-$125 a month.

Applicants younger and in better health could be looking at $20 to $50 a month. Just remember, a cheaper rate usually means that there are fewer bells and whistles left for your loved ones. Only a couple extra bucks a month could make a massive difference in the support your family would get when you’re gone.

#1-factor people focus on is Cost, and it’s not the essential factor! You should be focused on looking at all the expenses left behind and how much they’ll cost your family. Things like medical bills, credit card debt, and funeral costs.

Can Final Expense Offer A Good Deal?

It is always a good deal depending on the rates and coverage that you will get, so it is a wise decision to talk to agents from Coach B. Insurance they have a long list of insurers that can offer fixed premium rates that will not increase and can offer you the best coverage you can get. You can reach them anytime at 1- 800-342-1537.

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