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What is a modified death benefit?

So if you have some health issues and are looking to get the best price on a modified death benefit, you must, at all costs, work with a broker (aka independent agency) like Coach B., who can shop dozens of life insurance companies for you. They will match you with whichever one views your health most favorably. So, before you start looking into a guaranteed issue or modified policy, it’s best to give them a call to discuss your situation. That’s where you’ll get the best coverage for the least amount of money.


Modified death benefit graded premium whole life

modified whole life vs graded premiumGraded premium whole life insurance is a whole life insurance policy where the full death benefit is not available to beneficiaries in the first couple of years but will become fully available after a certain period.

Typically, with a graded benefit whole life insurance policy, all premiums paid into the policy plus the interest they earn are paid out as a death benefit in the first two or three years. Once the life insurance policy has been in force for those years, the entire face value is available to pay out as the death benefit.

Modified life insurance

Modified life is a form of term life insurance that offers policyholders the flexibility to adjust their premiums and death benefits at certain intervals over the length of the policy. It differs from traditional term policies in allowing the insured to make changes without renewing their coverage. Depending on the type of modifications available, this policy can help provide financial security for one’s family in the event of death.

Modified coverage Whole life insurance face amount

Modified coverage whole life insurance is a policy where the face amount decreases over time rather than remaining fixed. The face amount is the total amount payable upon death and is usually based on the insured’s current age when the policy was purchased. As the insured’s age increases, so does the face amount.

What is traditional vs modified premium Whole life insurance

what is modified benefit whole life insuranceModified death benefit whole life insurance is a policy that comes with a waiting period during the first 2-3 years. The insurance company will refund all your premium payments plus a set interest for any non-accidental death during the waiting period.

Once the waiting period is over, the full benefit is payable for any reason.

This whole life insurance policy is very straightforward. Here’s the fine print you want to know about:

  • Prices can’t increase over time
  • Coverage won’t ever decrease
  • Policy can’t expire at any age
  • Cash value will build up over time that you can borrow on 

Some companies have a 2-year or 3-year waiting period for modified premium whole life. 

The interest granted will also vary by the company. It’s important to note the interest granted is only based on the premiums you’ve paid and not the death benefit.

Some companies will go as low as 8%, and some will go as high as 30%, but most companies will pay around 10% interest on your premiums.

For example, if a company grants 10% interest and makes $1000 in payments, you will get back $1100 (if death occurs during the waiting period).

Lastly, you might see some carriers refer to modified benefit whole life insurance plans as “final expense life insurance, “funeral insurance,” or “burial insurance.”

The fact is that all those marketing terms mean the same thing. They’re referring to a whole life insurance plan with limited underwriting, so people with health conditions can still qualify.

A modified life plan is just a type of final expense insurance.

Compare and buy life insurance

Modified premium Whole life insurance

modified premium whole life insuranceModified whole life insurance, a.k.a modified premium whole life insurance, a modified whole life policy typically comes with a lower initial cost. The premium will increase only once after the introductory period and then remains fixed for the rest of the policy. Buying a modified premium policy is a great way to obtain a higher death benefit sooner, before you’d normally afford the premiums, instead of waiting to buy coverage or buying more coverage when you’re older at a higher cost.

Many of these modified whole life policies won’t allow you to contribute to your policy’s cash value during this introductory period.

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Modified Whole life vs graded premium

graded premium whole lifeThese policies are popular because they offer a lower premium in the early years of the policy, modified and graded premium contracts are a great solution for individuals who want and need the lifetime death benefit protection and contractual guarantees that a whole life insurance contract provides them but have a limited budget available today with the expectation that they know their financial situation will be changing in the future.

These features, along with some options, such as adding additional life insurance coverage without underwriting and disability waiver of premium, make graded and limited pay life insurance options a good fit for someone just starting in their career or owning a growing business.

These features make these contracts popular as a funding vehicle for BUY-SELL Agreements and Executive Compensation Programs.

Colonial Penn modified benefit Whole life.

Colonial Penn modified whole life is a policy designed to provide permanent death benefit coverage with flexible cash value growth options. It is intended for people looking for lifetime protection but need the budget for traditional whole-life policies. This policy can allow the policyholder to receive additional benefits based on a contractual agreement at the time of purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between graded and modified death benefit?

A graded death benefit is a type of life insurance policy where the death benefit is limited during the first few years of the policy. The modified death benefit is a type of policy where the death benefit is also limited during the first few years. Still, the limitations are different than those of a graded approach. The main difference between the two is that a modified policy may have a higher premium than a graded policy but may also have a higher death benefit.

What is the difference between modified life insurance and whole life insurance?

Modified life insurance is a type of whole life insurance with lower premiums in the policy's early years but then increases after a certain period. On the other hand, whole life insurance has level premiums throughout the policy's life. Additionally, modified life insurance may have a lower death benefit than whole life insurance.

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