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Petfirst is know owned by Metlife

 MetLife, Inc. (NYSE: MET) (“MetLife”) and PetFirst Healthcare, LLC (“PetFirst”), a fast-growing pet health insurance administrator based in Jeffersonville, IN, today announced they have entered into a definitive agreement under which MetLife will acquire PetFirst

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Petfirst pet insurance coverage

petfirst pet insuranceAt Coach B. Insurance, we get it. Pets are like family. We know it’s quite difficult when a family member gets sick or injured. When you and your pet need you most, Petfirst insurance coverage

will be there with the right comprehensive plans and coverage, with a team of caring and passionate pet advocates, many of who are pet owners themselves, to help should you need them.

Petfirst wellness insurance  coverage offers robust annual benefit amount options, chronic care coverage and no lifetime or per-incident limits for pets of all ages. You can get a customizable deductible with great reimbursement rates, so they work within your pet’s needs and will fit into your budget. Get a quote and customize the right plan for you and your pet.

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Petfirst pet insurance cost

petfirst pet insurance costThe cost of PetFirst pet insurance will be based on the type of pet it is, its age, breed, location, and the different reimbursement options of the policy you select.

PetFirst has many programs for every type of budget. Insurance plans can range between $24- $115 per month for dogs and cats, depending on the plan, species, and of course, any add-ons.

Use Coach B. Insurance to lock in the best price and compare PetFirst insurance cost to other leading pet insurance brands for free.

Petfirst login

petfirst login“PetFirst Healthcare, LLC”), a MetLife company with over 15 years of experience serving pet owners. With access to a ‎customer support centre · ‎Dog Insurance · ‎Cat Insurance

Easy Claims Submission. Submitting your pet insurance claim is simple! Just turn in your claim within 90 days of treatment, showing an invoice. It can all be done by logging into your account. Log in. User Name. Password.

Petfirst claim

petfirst claim

If you have had your dog or cat recently to the veterinarian for an injury or illness, provide us with the following items to ensure your claim is processed quickly:
1. Complete & sign the proper claim form
2. The Veterinary Medical Records (SOAP Notes) from Incident or visit
3. Itemized Invoice statement from Incident or visit
If you’re going to see the vet and are worried you’ll forget something, take a look at the claims form as a PDF so you’re aware of the submission process.

A properly completed claim form will help you get the fastest reimbursement for covered claims. The pet owner should complete claim forms, and much of the necessary information and documentation should be included within the records and documents from your veterinarian.

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Petfirst pet insurance reviews

Petfirst was founded in 2004 by Landon Robbins and bought out by MetLife in 2020. PetFirst coverage provides pet insurance to owners of both dogs and cats. Independence American Insurance Company underwrites PetFirst’s health insurance policies.


  • PetFirst deductibles usually go down $25 every year that no claim is filed.
  • Unlike a few pet insurance providers, you can sign up for full coverage with PetFirst at any point in your pet’s lifetime.
  • PetFirst does offer discounts if you’re going to be insuring multiple pets.


  • PetFirst charges a $3 monthly fee if you opt to pay monthly rather than annually.
  • PetFirst does have an extended waiting period for hip dysplasia, so it will be deemed pre-existing if the condition shows up in the first six months you have coverage.
  • Your premium will generally increase as your pet gets older.

petfirst pet insurance reviews

PetFirst pet insurance, like many providers, lets you choose a plan with a deductible, annual limit, and percentage of veterinary expenses paid that makes sense for you. Every year that you don’t have to file a claim, your deductible will automatically decrease by $25 if you’re in a state that allows it. The company offers discounts if you insure multiple pets. 

You can also get discounts on your first month’s premium if you sign up and pay for your pet’s coverage online. A $3 monthly fee is added to your bill if you opt to pay monthly instead of paying upfront for a year’s coverage.

Even though your deductible might go down if your pet stays healthy, the company warns that your premium may go up as your pet goes older. However, PetFirst does allow you to sign up with a new animal at any age and keep your insurance throughout your animal’s life.

One thing you may want to keep in mind is that the waiting periods for different types of accidents and illnesses vary, with accident coverage beginning the day after your policy becomes active, a 14-day waiting period for illnesses, and six months for hip dysplasia.

Petfirst sample policy

petfirst sample policyPet insurance can be quite confusing. Trying to understand pet insurance and finding the best plan for you and your pet requires some homework. But the final result will leave you with peace of mind from veterinary expenses.

PetFirst offers up some “buyer beware” tips when understanding pet insurance. 

  • Plans will vary by provider. Try to compare similar plans like apples to apples to one another. Consider the deductibles, reimbursements and per-incident limits for each year.
  • A licensed veterinarian will be your best bet when caring for your pet. At the very least most pet insurance companies require you to take your pet to a licensed veterinarian.
  • There will be waiting periods with most providers. Although, the times will vary from policy-to-policy as well as provider-to-provider. Make sure to ask questions about the waiting period for 1) Coverage to begin for both accident and illness, and 2) Coverage for specific accidents or illnesses to begin (for example, cruciate repair coverage may not begin until the 13th month of coverage).
  • Please read the plan coverage, including the exclusions, and ask questions. You can find a sample plan and the exclusions on most pet insurance providers’ websites.

Now that you have your checklist for some general tips regarding pet insurance, it’s time to think ahead and start planning the benefits and options that will best suit your pet and, most importantly, your budget. Pet insurance is always a peace-of-mind purchase allowing you to plan for veterinary expenses. 

PetFirst will have several plans to choose from, providing a customized plan that meets all your needs. Here are ten benefits specific to choosing PetFirst as your pet insurance partner:

  1. PetFirst plans are available for all breeds.
  2. PetFirst’s Lifetime Accident and Illness plan options cover congenital and hereditary conditions.
  3. There are NO per-incident limits with the Lifetime Accident and Illness plan options, and coverage amounts range from $5,000 to $20,000 per year.
  4. Reimbursement is based on a percentage, and veterinary technicians review claims line-by-line to ensure maximum reimbursement.
  5. PetFirst offers Senior Pet Insurance options on either the Lifetime Accident and Illness plan or the Standard Accident and Illness plan.
  6. A family plan is an option with PetFirst pet health insurance. Pet parents can have up to three (3) pets on one Lifetime Accident and Illness Family plan. There are discounts associated with the family plan option and no per-incident limits. (Senior pets over the age of 10 are excluded from the family plan option and must be on an individual plan).
  7. Pet parents have the option of adding a Routine Care rider to their pet’s insurance plan.
  8. PetFirst does offer a discount for paying annually. However, there are options for a monthly payment as well.
  9. Accident coverage beings as early as the next day (12:01 a.m. EST); Illness coverage begins on the 14th day the policy is in effect.
  10. Coverage can begin as early as eight weeks old for puppies and kittens.

Nothing in this article should be construed as financial, legal or veterinary advice. Please consult your advisors for questions relating to your and your pet’s specific circumstances.

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