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Wagmo Pet Insurance

Wagmo provides the best pet insurance and pet wellness plans that won’t break the bank. Get One Month Free When You Pay Annually. Bills Reimbursed Within 24 Hours. Customized Plans. Cover All the Essentials. Affordable Price Points. Accepted By All Vets.


Wagmo pet insurance company

wagmo pet insuranceWagmo is a pet insurance company known for its ability to help pet parents with pet wellness plans that are different from their insurance. Plus, the company provides national coverage and allows for add ons to the plan as needed. A true highlight of this coverage is the reimbursement payments. They are paid out in several convenient ways. For example, you may be looking for all the fantastic preventative care options. For your pet insurance or more comprehensive coverage, they’d do well to get a quote from this company beforehand.

Wagmo wellnes plan

The wagmo core product is a preventative pet wellness plan called Wagmo Wellness, which comes in three different levels of coverage with three different monthly rates. The plans will cover preventative care, such as vaccines, routine exam fees, heartworm medicines, and even grooming and dental care, depending on which plan you like better.

wagmo wellness plan

Wagmo also offers a pet insurance product that will cover emergency accidents and illnesses; however, it’s not available nationwide. Its wellness plans are its signature go-to product lines.

Wagmo Wellness plans are available in all fifty states. Wellness Plans are available for dogs and cats of all ages. At this time, no other pets are covered at wagmo.

Wagmo offers three wellness plans:

  • The Value Plan: A good fit for the healthy per just needing annual checkups with the vet.
  • The Classic Plan: Their most popular plan-gets you all the basics with some added features.
  • The Deluxe Plan: Helps with one that needs a little extra attention, like more trips to the groomer and dentist.

Ready to see the plans and pricing?

Wagmo customer service

Wagmo customer service can be contacted through a pop-up form on the Wagmo website or through its Contact Us page. Wagmo customer service is also active on the company’s Facebook account (@meetwagmo), responding to pet parents’ queries and concerns.

Wagmo reviews

wagmo reviewsI always say, get an insurance plan for your pet yesterday! I highly recommend Wagmo. Not only is it accepted by every vet in the US, but Wagmo also has the best, first-of-its-kind plans for both routine and emergency care.

– Dr. Lisa Lippman

Wegmo insurance

Pet insurance works sort of like human health insurance in the United States. Certain brands offer better wellness coverage and others that cover more unique disorders like hip dysplasia. It’s up to the pet owners to look at what their pet’s pre-existing conditions are, the number of required vet visits that will be required, and what coverage options they need before signing up.

wagmo insurance

Whether pet owners are looking for a pet insurance plan for routine care or insurance coverage for chronic conditions, several options will be available to you. It will take some time to look at all the options available in the pet health insurance field.

Wagmo 1Wagmo 2


Is wagmo legitimate?

Wagmo is not a pet insurance company in the strictest sense. Instead, it’s described as a pet insurance and wellness company that provides an alternative to traditional pet insurance. Its core product is a preventative pet wellness plan called Wagmo Wellness, which comes in three varieties at different monthly rates.

How does wagmo insurance work?

Wagmo covers vaccines, fecal testing, routine exam fees, dental cleanings, and heartworm treatments, among others. Unlike many pet insurance companies, Wagmo guarantees a 24-hour turnaround on reimbursements. This means that pet owners receive their routine care reimbursements within one day of filing their claim.

Does wagmo cover medication?

Keep the pests off your pet. Wagmo Wellness coverage includes all flea, tick and heartworm medications.

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