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H&R Block Tax Software 2022 Reviews

Prefer to take-on taxes on your own? H&R Block reviews e-filing tax software products are outstanding and easy to use, while the free version offers filers a wonderful selection of forms.

h&r block reviews

H&R Block reviews

H&R Block was founded by brothers Henry and Richard Bloch in 1955. Having done more than 800+ million tax returns, H&R Block has grown to become one of the leading tax services companies in the country. In 2019, the company reported preparing one in seven U.S. tax returns through its brick-and-mortar offices and tax software.

h&r blockH&R often talks about its professional in-person tax support. It has upwards of 80k tax professionals, and many are bilingual. Their tax pros must have at least 60 hours of training and pass a multi-level certification program. Someone will assist the typical H&R Block customer with about 12 years of experience. Many of these tax pros are available online and in H&R Block’s many retail locations, with about 11,000 retail offices across all 50 states, U.S. territories, and U.S. military bases worldwide. This means that, on average, there is an H&R Block located within five miles of most Americans.

During this COVID-19 pandemic, H&R’s Block’s selling point of in-office professional tax preparation might not be as much of a boon, so the company has made changes to its process. You can still go into an H&R Block office and meet with a tax preparation specialist at a safe distance. H&R Block has also added a Drop-Off service and a Virtual Drop-Off service for no-contact tax help.

Aside from its one-on-one support, H&R Block also offers a variety of tax products for taxpayers who don’t want the extra help. There are four levels of tax software available from H&R Block, each of which is also available for downloadable purchase. You can also elect to have a tax professional assist you as you file online, with four levels of online tax software available with an Assist option.

H&R Block online

If you’re comfortable working with computers, the best way to file your taxes is to do it yourself with H&R Block’s online software. Households with basic filing needs and lower incomes should take advantage of the free options to file.

However, if you have more items like itemized deductions, health savings account (HSA) contributions, or investments, you will need to upgrade to a paid version, starting at $49.99 plus $36.99 per state. H&R Block online should also meet the needs of those with even bigger and more complex situations like self-employment income, rental property income, and cryptocurrency sales. The MyBlock mobile app is useful for getting started and uploading files, but you may want a computer to finish your return in most cases.

h&r block onlineH&R Block offers both online and in-person options starting at $69.99 plus a per-state charge if you’re midway through filing and decide you need more help or want to start with the assistance of a tax professional. You can upload your documents for a completely virtual experience, meet with a tax pro in person at one of 9,000 office locations (walk-in or appointment), or drop off your files at an office and let someone else handle everything.

H&R Block handles nearly all tax situations with just a few limitations. Like other major tax software and preparation services, it also has a maximum refund guarantee.

While it’s not quite as slick in graphics and the overall flow of your tax entry experience compared to some other options, it does a very good job of including everything you need to get your taxes done efficiently with accurate results and a reasonable cost.

*Price note: Providers will change them. You can verify the latest price by clicking through to H&R Block’s site.

H&R Block near me

h&r block near meCOVID-19 Update: Whether you come into your local H&R Block office to work with your tax pro or want to drop off your documents and run, our top priority is your well-being. Ensure our offices are deep cleaned and continually disinfect the high touch areas after each appointment.  

 We are doing what we can to keep social distancing and our community safe. It’s possible to work with your tax professional from home – call and ask about our Digital Drop-Off service. You will get an email from one of our tax pros with a link to upload your documents.

Aside from its one-on-one support, H&R Block also offers a variety of tax products for taxpayers who don’t want the extra help. There are four levels of tax software available from H&R Block, each of which is also available for downloadable purchase. You can also elect to have a tax professional assist you as you file online, with four levels of online tax software available with an Assist option.

File your taxes today and receive 20% off select online tax prep products at hrblock.com!

H&R Block Taxes

Luckily, no need for monster headaches anymore when filing your federal tax return. H&R Block offers a good ole fast and easy way to file taxes.

h&r block taxesH&R Block knows how to make filing taxes easy, quick, and as painless as possible with their online tax software. They have had over 60 years in the tax business; they should be getting good at it.

Their convenient online tax filing options and tax preparation software allow you to do your federal tax return on your schedule and in your jammies in the comfort of your own home, no matter your income or federal tax rates.

How much does h&r block charge to do taxes in-person

The cost of in-person tax preparation at H&R Block varies depending on the complexity of your tax situation and the office’s location. The average cost ranges from $69 to $149 for a federal tax return and $50 or more for a state tax return. Additional fees for extra services, such as audit support or tax identity shield, may apply.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is H&R Block worth the money?

H&R Block is wonderful for the average filer. You can file both your federal and state tax returns with as little as $29.99 (not including the Free File option through the IRS). With it being so easy to use, it's worth paying a slightly higher fee than competitors like Intuit's TurboTax and FreeTaxUSA.

How good is HR Block for taxes?

H&R Block places second in the Best Tax Software of 2022, falling just behind TurboTax. Overall, the two offer very similar tax preparation results, though your method to get there varies, as well as the cost. TurboTax software may be a litter easier to use, but not much. It's also more expensive.

Is H&R Block completely free?

Free Online tax filing service at H&R Block has a little more for free than rival TurboTax's Free Edition. Filing students will love the quick, easy features, while parents can get information about the Child Tax Credit and Earned Income Credit, including any IRS letters needed before filing.

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