Funding A Buy-Sell Agreement with Life Insurance

One of life’s most exciting experiences is building a successful business. Creating an asset for your family and providing a living for your employees and their families is very gratifying. However, what do you do if you or your business partners die?

funding a buy-sell agreement with life insurance

Buy-Sell Agreement Life Insurance

funding a buy-sell agreement with life insuranceManaging a company is not all that easy as there are many obligations a business owner needs to keep in mind. Hence, a business owner is not only responsible for his family but the family of his employees. You are one of the company’s most important members as its success and failure rely on you. Hence, it is important to be in good shape and healthy.

However, unforeseen events can happen at any time. What if you get sick or die? Who will take over the business? 

If you have spent a lifetime building a stable business, it is essential to secure it in case of your incapacity or death. Death is not the only reason for the fall of the business. A business owner or co-owner can decide to walk away.

Therefore, it will create a significant impact on the stability of the company. If an important person in the business suddenly disappears, then the company will suffer financially. 

A stable company must have a plan in place if something bad happens to the owner or owners of the business. This is where funding a buy-sell agreement with life insurance comes in. 

If you are interested in funding a buy-sell agreement with life insurance, then Coach B. agents will be glad to assist you anytime. 

Strategies For Buy Sell Agreements Using Insurance

It is a legal agreement that can positively help the company. The buy-sell agreement is between business owners. It is an agreement that states situations such as death, resignation, or force leave of co-owners within the company. You may also compare it to a prenuptial agreement between the company’s shareholders, owners, or partners. Hence, it is sometimes called a “business will.”

Funding A Buy-Sell Agreement With Life Insurance Policy

The best way to fund A buy-sell agreement with life insurance is through a good non-medical policy. It is the company of the co-owners that will buy the insurance policy for each person. In the case of one of the owners’ death, then the death benefit will go to the corporation’s members. Also, the family of the deceased owner will get the sum of the interest from the business. Therefore, it can offer some financial support to your family in case of your loss. Also, it will retain the stability of the business.

Types of Buy-Sell Agreements

Life insurance policyMoreover, there are different ways of funding a buy-sell agreement with life insurance for both small and large companies. The two of the most popular types are the cross-purchase and entity redemption, but there is also a hybrid version as the third option. Now, take a look at each available option and find out what suits your business or company.

  1. Cross-Purchase- It is a type of agreement wherein each company owner needs to buy a life insurance policy. Hence, each one needs to pay for the monthly premium of the policy they own, and each one is also a beneficiary of that policy. In case the owner dies, then surviving owners will be able to use the death benefit to buy the deceased owner’s shares. If a large corporation has more owners, then multiple purchases of policies are needed by each owner.
  1. Entity Redemption- It is an agreement between the owner and the company. The policy owner will agree to sell their interest to the business when he or she dies. Hence, it is the company that will buy the life insurance policy for each owner. Also, the business will pay for the monthly premium, so it is the company that is the sole owner and the beneficiary of the policies. In case an owner dies, all shares and interest in the company will go to the heirs or the state, but the company can buy it using the policy. 
  1. The Hybrid Plan- It is named as hybrid as it is a combination of the two first types. The owner is obliged to offer their interest to anyone. However, if the entity denies the purchase, other board members, like co-owners and partners, can go buy the shares. It can give other employees like long time officials to buy the interest. 

What Are The Possible Benefits?

Life insurance companies decide your policy ratingsFunding a buy-sell agreement with life insurance suits all business types, such as partnerships, sole proprietorships, LLC, or corporation. Also, the size does not matter when getting this agreement as long as you can pay the monthly premium for each policy. 

Financial specialists strongly recommend funding a buy-sell agreement with life insurance. Furthermore, it is a secure way to ensure that money is available if buy-sell comes to play. The best thing about it is that payment is very quickly right after the policy owner’s death.

Also, if there is enough cash value, the policy owner may get the funds to get the interest gained in the business if the owner becomes disabled o retired. Above all, the benefit of the policy is tax-free regardless of the amount and who owns it.  

Buy-Sell Agreement Life Insurance Tax Implications

When it comes to tax, there are specific considerations to keep in mind. However, it was mentioned earlier that death benefits are tax-free for C Corporation, but death benefits are subject to the alternative minimum tax. The following are some important tax considerations:

  • All premiums used to pay for the agreement are tax exempted.
  • The company’s payments, where the insured is the owner or the shareholder, is not considered taxable income.
  • For cross-purchase, the cash value of the deceased owner’s policy on other owner’s lives belongs to the deceased estate. Also, the policy owned by other owners on the deceased’s life is not part of the decedent’s estate.

Consult with your company’s legal and tax team to guide the company in case of specific tax questions about a buy-sell arrangement.

Making Sure Your Business and Your Family Are Taken Care Of

As the business founder, it is your duty and responsibility to secure your family and your business interest in case of your early passing. The cost of the premium is small compared to the business gains you will get in case of an emergency. To know more about the buy-sell agreement, you may contact a licensed Coach B, Life Insurance agent at 800-342-1537.

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