Best Life Insurance For Smokers and Vapors in 2021?

If you are a smoker, you will pay at least 2x as much for life insurance as a nonsmoker would. Below, you can find your costs, how companies check for tobacco use, and how you can get non-tobacco rates if you quit.

life insurance for smokers

How smoking and nicotine use affect your life insurance rates

life insurance cost - coach b insuranceIf you are a smoker and thinking of getting life insurance, there are many things to consider if you want the best coverage. Some may think that insurance companies only consider cigarette smoking as a risk, but all types of products with nicotine are regarded as tobacco, whether it produces smoke or not.

Today, more and more insurers are getting lenient to the frequency of use, but not on the method of usage. Aside from age, amount of policy, and riders, lifestyle is a huge factor in determining your monthly life insurance premiums.

Insurers need to make a long-term decision based on the level of risk for each applicant. If you are doing any activity that is deemed risky, like some sports, pilots, and of course tobacco users,  then the company will give you a higher premium.

The company is assuming they will have to pay the policy out sooner because of the risk. If you are a tobacco user, it is already given that you have a shorter lifespan compared to people who do not smoke.

Many life insurance providers are now designing life insurance for tobacco users. Still, some people also consume other types of alternatives to tobacco, such as vape, cigars, and smokeless tobacco.

If you are taking one of these alternatives, policies are still unclear for many insurers. An experienced insurance agent can give you the information that you need to know to apply easily and get the life insurance that you need.

How much does life insurance cost?

Life Insurance for Smokers

life insurance for smokersSmokers are curious to know more about this information as it can affect the amount of premium that they need to pay. If you try to smoke a cigar once in your life, it will not label you as a regular smoker in insurers’ eyes. Of course, there are ways for insurers to know if you are telling the truth.

The life insurance provider sets the rules on tobacco products, and the government does not monitor it. It may vary according to the insurer and type of product with the tobacco you are using.

There are three ways an insurer can find out if you are regularly using tobacco.

  1. The insurer can ask you directly through a health declaration form, and you need to disclose the information about your bad habits. It is good not to lie and tell the truth because misleading information can terminate your life insurance anytime the insurer finds the truth.
  2. An insurance provider typically asks for a medical examination as part of the process, and this will reveal if you are regularly using tobacco or not.
  3. They can look at your medical history and other related records like the MIB to know if the truth, especially for nonmedical life insurance.

Insurers are looking for nicotine in any form, so the best way to qualify is to avoid consuming any product with nicotine. In case you are tagged as a smoker during your first application, but you choose to quit, then your provider can readjust your monthly premium according to your current lifestyle and health condition.

Typical Rules for Cigar Smokers

The risks involved in cigar smoking do not change over the years because nicotine is still hazardous to your health. Insurers are seriously considering it as a significant risk to health. According to many studies, cigar contains more tar than cigarettes, including ingredients that can cause cancer.

Aside from cancer, it is also related to diverse health problems in the mouth, throat, lungs, and other vital body parts. If you are a cigar user, it is still possible to acquire affordable life insurance from a reputable provider.

Insurers are now setting a “line” to consider an applicant as a regular user. Some may consider an applicant a regular user if they smoke 1 to 8 cigars in the past month. If you want to stay away from being a regular user, you need to quit using cigar for at least 1 to 5 years.

The Best Insurer for Cigar Smokers

American GeneralThe best provider is the American General or AIG for all cigar smokers that can offer an easy application process with an affordable term life insurance policy. They have the most lenient underwriting process for cigar smokers and offer competitive coverage.

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Typical Rules for Smokeless Tobacco

smokeless tobaccoOne of the most common alternatives to tobacco smoking is smokeless tobacco through chewing and snuff. Even without smoke, the risk involves taking in tobacco or nicotine in the body is still dangerous to health. The use of this type of tobacco product is still a red flag for many insurers.

Although smokeless, the tobacco component can damage organs, promote the development of cancer, and create considerable damage to overall health. The line set for this tobacco and the plan that you can get product depends on each life insurer.

Most insurers base the policy and monthly premium on the frequency of use. You can also remove the tag as a regular user once you quit using it for a longer time. If you try it once in your lifetime, then it will not affect your health. Suppose you recently decide to use smokeless tobacco. In that case, the damages incurred by your body will show in your medical examination and will dictate how much premium you need to pay.

The Best Insurer for Smokeless Tobacco User

Prudential Life Insurance CompanyAll smokeless tobacco users can opt for Prudential because of their easy underwriting process, but you may get a slight increase in premium based on your use frequency.

Typical Rules for Vape Users

Some people think that vaping is a healthy choice than cigarettes, but some studies show that there are risks involved in vaping. Although it is a new way of enjoying smoking, many insurers agree that it is still dangerous to health. However, some providers are still yet to establish guidelines on vaping.

The truth is that vaping poses more risks such as addiction, respiratory ailments, heart problems, and it can also cause a weak immune system. Insurers treat this activity as other types of smokers, but some will try to convince them to get insurance by giving a competitive monthly premium. It’s best to get quotes from several different carriers.

The Best Insurer for Vape Users

Vape users can choose Prudential because they do not put the same penalty as cigarette smokers. Also, the underwriting process is lenient for vapers and can offer an affordable insurance policy.

Typical Rules for Marijuana Users

weedRules on the use of marijuana for many insurers are still unclear, but insurance providers consider the federal law when it comes to giving policy about marijuana usage. Although there are already eight states that legalize the use as recreational and for medical use, it is still confusing for many insurers.

You may find an insurer that treats it similarly to tobacco usage, and some may ignore it. If you regularly use marijuana, but you want to get an insurance plan, it’s best to contact a professional agent to give you ideas on possible providers.

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The Best Insurer for Marijuana Users

MetLife Life InsuranceOne of the best insurers with updated guidelines and policies on marijuana usage is MetLife. However, you may encounter some rate adjustments depending on the frequency of use. The good thing about this insurer is that they treat each case individually according to the applicant’s condition.

Possible Consequences for Dishonest Application

life insurance applicationA typical insurance process will ask you to undergo a medical examination that includes blood tests, urine, stool, etc. The result of these tests will give insurers information about your overall health condition. Also, it will detect if you are using a product that is dangerous to health like tobacco.

In case the test result shows signs of using tobacco, you can still get life insurance coverage, but for a higher premium. However, there are cases when an insurer will not ask for a medical exam, but there are still ways to know the truth. What are the consequences in case of dishonesty?

The worst case that can happen once they found out that you are not telling the truth is discontinuing your policy. This crime is known as insurance fraud, and you will lose all your benefits even if you already paid monthly premiums. The best way to get the life insurance that you need for tobacco users is, to tell the truth, upfront to your agent, so they can help you get the insurance that you need legally as possible.

How past smokers can get nonsmoker rates on life insurance

If you want nonsmoking rates from a life insurance company, you must stop using tobacco permanently. 

Saying that you quit right before you apply for a policy might sound like a great idea, but it won’t help you get lower premiums. You must have stopped for at least one year; if you want nonsmoker rates, it usually takes two to five years before you can get offered preferred rates.  

Although, some insurance carriers give former smokers a better shake in the underwriting process than others. An independent broker like Coach B. Insurance will work with you to find the right policy for your particular age, lifestyle, and health history, including past tobacco use.

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