Best Life Insurance For Smokers and Vapors in 2022

If you are a smoker, you will pay at least 2x as much for life insurance as a nonsmoker would. Below, you can find your costs, how companies check for tobacco use, and how you can get non-tobacco rates if you quit.


life insurance for smokers

Affordable life insurance for smokers

affordable life insurance for smokersSmokers are curious to know more about this information as it can affect the amount of premium that they need to pay. If you try to smoke a cigar once in your life, it will not label you as a regular smoker in insurers’ eyes. Of course, there are ways for insurers to know if you are telling the truth.

The life insurance provider sets the rules on tobacco products, and the government does not monitor it. It may vary according to the insurer and type of product with the tobacco you are using.

There are three ways an insurer can find out if you are regularly using tobacco.

  1. The insurer can ask you directly through a health declaration form, and you need to disclose the information about your bad habits. It is good not to lie and tell the truth because misleading information can terminate your life insurance anytime the insurer finds the truth.
  2. An insurance provider typically asks for a medical examination as part of the process, and this will reveal if you are regularly using tobacco or not.
  3. They can look at your medical history and other related records like the MIB to know if the truth, especially for nonmedical life insurance.

Insurers are looking for nicotine in any form, so the best way to qualify is to avoid consuming any product with nicotine. In case you are tagged as a smoker during your first application, but you choose to quit, then your provider can readjust your monthly premium according to your current lifestyle and health condition.

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Life insurance for smokers over 40

life insurance for smokers over 40

Life insurance for smokers over 50

life insurance for smokers over 50

Life insurance for smokers over 60

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If you’re currently a smoker but are looking to quit, you likely won’t qualify for the best life insurance rates for at least 12 to 24 months after you’ve stopped using tobacco. In this case, the most affordable option may be to purchase a cheaper policy with a short term, then buy a longer-term policy once you’ve quit for long enough to qualify for nonsmoker rates. Alternatively, you could purchase your intended policy then ask for a health class reconsideration—but you should check with your life insurance company as to whether this is an option.

Cheap life insurance for smokers

cheap life insurance for smokersLife insurance premiums largely depend on your health, habits, and lifestyle choices, so it makes sense that smokers pay much higher rates for life insurance than non-smokers do. Despite the high price tag, life insurance for smokers can be beneficial. If you were to pass away unexpectedly, life insurance would financially support your family left without your income.

Term life insurance for smokers

term life insurance for smokersIf you plan to stop smoking now or recently quit smoking, a term life policy may be a good option to consider. By the time your policy matures, it could be years since your last cigarette. If you’ve been smoke-free for a prescribed number of years (usually at least 2-5 years), you can apply for a level term life insurance policy and likely get a much better premium for your term choice than you would if you were still a smoker.

Whole life insurance for smokers

whole life insurance for smokersA whole life insurance policy is designed to last your entire life. While whole life premiums will generally be higher than rates for a term life policy, smokers are especially true. That said, your premium will stay the same for as long as the policy is in force.
Whole life policies also accrue cash value over time, allowing you to borrow against them or withdraw the accumulated value.

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No exam life insurance for smokers

no exam life insurance for smokersLooking for no medical exam life insurance for people who smoke? Life insurance rates for smokers are typically more than double those of non-smokers. Currently, there’s one life insurance company offering no medical exam life insurance for people who smoke and rates smokers the same as non-smokers. Shop around and find the best rates and policies to suit your circumstances.

Smokerssmokers life insurance rates life insurance rates

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