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Life Insurance No Medical Exam

It’s affordable life coverage that includes riders and coverages that are like some of the totally underwritten plans just without the physicians and examinations.

Mutual of Omaha Life Insurance Company
Mortgage Protection Life Insurance
Gerber Life Insurance Company
Americo Financial Life And Annuity Insurance Company Inc.
Assurity Life Insurance Company

Is life insurance without medical exam or health questions right for you?

life insurance without medical exam or health questionsAre you looking for a hassle-free approach to buying your life insurance? You will be glad to know those options are available to you at Coach B. Insurance.

Inside those options, people usually under the age of 60 opt for term life insurance without a medical exam. 60+, or if health conditions are a problem, they will choose to go with a no exam whole life insurance policy instead.

Many choices for both types are available online since there is no medical exam. It is an excellent opportunity to shop and compare life insurance quotes online with no medical exam.  It can help find what is suitable for you. With our new quote and apply platform, you can compare and then apply for it online simultaneously.   


  • Term life and whole life are a couple of standard non-medical examination plans a person can buy.
  • Ages between 20-60 that are healthier more often go for life insurance having no medical exam.
  • The better alternative for Seniors 60 and over is typically whole life insurance having absolutely no exam or perhaps a simplified issue final expense. In case terrible health is concerned, a guaranteed issue plan will be the last resort. 
  • Consider you won’t mind having to pay a bit more for the ease and comfort of not having the exam.
  • Anyone wishing to buy online with no broker contact.
  • In case you are actually in the market for higher face amounts of life insurance protection.

Best life insurance no medical exam life insurance policy

best life insurance no medical examThe best no medical exam life insurance  policies are generally exactly identical as depicted in its name which means life insurance programs minus a healthcare assessment. Some major differences amongst conventional life insurance plans and/or basically non-medical term life plans is of course the no medical exam term life insuance requirement while offering up guaranteed protection.

Most of these plans usually require no medical exam (unless they find something in the MIB report that comes back) and will normally have restricted minimum coverage amounts. Mostly they demand complete healthcare history via a properly underwritten healthcare form or a questionnaire to help adjust the policy rating.

The following details may be required from you like:

  • Your Pharmacy report (list of recommended medication throughout the last 5 to 10 years.)
  • Data report at the motor vehicle department.
  • Records from (MIB) Medical Insurance Bureau. (to confirm whether you currently have ever applied or been denied life policies in past)
  • A Personal credit check(many insurance carriers may require this.

Most agents in the business call them “Simplified issue” policies. Many times these Simplified Issue policies offer up lower coverage amounts.

Compare and buy life insurance

Term life with no medical exam no waiting period

life insurance no medical exam no waiting periodOnce you start the laborious undertaking of looking around for an affordable no medical exam term life insurance plan, you are certain to become irritated with what feels like the nonstop process of information collecting. Insurance organizations intend to uncover everything that they can find about you: all of your personal details, your habits, one’s family history, your current health. Besides being very stressful and invasive it also demands a significant time commitment.

Certainly one of the more irritating aspects regarding the process will be the actual physical exam. Get prepared to put aside a portion of time for the paramedical physical exam. The exam will consist of about half-hour going through your very own medical background and your present health. You will usually have to have blood drawn, plus certain insurance companies ask for saliva swab and urine samples also. Some providers even call for an EKG, or electrocardiogram, to check out one’s heart health.

Following the appointment, you will need to wait around for the healthcare examiner to submit the outcomes to the insurance company. In the meantime, you will obviously be nervous to discover if the examination turned up something that might impact your access towards a great life insurance plan.

There are actually ways towards speeding up the undertaking and get rid of the hassle. A great option? No exam policy.

That is right. You could avoid the actual physical exam completely.

Cheapest no medical exam life insurance for seniors

no exam life insurance rates

The standard procedure of getting life insurance happens something like this: Right after talking with an insurance professional, you are able to set up some kind of visit with your physician for an actual physical examination. One’s physician provides the outcomes with the insurance company, and then a company underwriter will review your information. Finally, you will obtain your insurance policy — most likely about 6 to 8 weeks following your first contact with the insurance agent.

Many men and women oftentimes do not wish to or are not able to wait better than a four week period to buy coverage. When considering, many wish to find the best life insurance plan fairly quickly so that they could apply for an SBA loan (Small Business Administration loan). Other individuals find out that their divorce settlement requires life insurance coverage, furthermore needing to find some kind of suitable insurance plan in order that the legal proceedings continue. With situations such as these, individuals will need to buy a life insurance policy as soon as actually possible simply as not to interrupt other aspects of his or her life.

A great benefit of life insurance is many men and women simply just like the thought of forgoing that physical exam. Simply no need for fitting in a 30 minutes appointment. Absolutely no needles and getting poked and prodded. Virtually no anxiety of wanting to know whether their unique health will be good enough in order to attain a good rate, or perhaps if the examination results might turn up anything that they didn’t already know about. Probably most important, there is no waiting. Many insurance carriers approve no medical exam term life insurance plans within a day sometimes!

The things you didn’t know about no medical exam life insurance and what it won’t do for you?

no medical exam term life insuranceIt’s about time, we need to come clean about some people who purchase this product. There will be some people who purchase a no medical term life insurance policy trying to hide a healthcare problem from the insurance carrier. Although, it doesn’t work most of the time. If there is anything suspect as part of your important information during the reviewing process, the underwriter will be called to do an additional thorough investigation.

Right now there are usually various ways through which an underwriter could crosscheck one’s records whether this item is true or not.

  • The Medical Information Bureau is one of the organizations which provides information regarding the applicants, such as their previous applications for life insurance, medical issues, and risky behavior. Anytime a life insurance carrier requests to look at your record once you have provided an internet-based application, some of the corporations are in a position to assure one’s answers.
  • Department of Motor Vehicle Records (MVR)- I know the fact that the program is hard to believe that pristine driving history could help you to get life insurance quickly but also at a lower premium. Using the assistance of the motor vehicles office, the insurance organization can easily confirm if you ever experienced any accidents and traffic tickets. By gathering information from these departments, they conclude that whether or not you possess a risk of driving accidents or not.
  • Pharmacy Report – like its namesake there is no medical exam needed. But it doesn’t mean that a majority of the insurance providers cannot read an individual’s medical background via your Rx report.

Who needs no medical exam whole life insurance?

no medical exam whole life insuranceNo medical exam whole life insurance is normally used as a form of final expense or burial insurance, as coverage is lifelong and death benefits are generally limited to a maximum of $25,000 or $50,000. Your chosen beneficiaries could receive a big enough payout to pay for your funeral, burial, other end-of-life costs, and a small loan. Although, it’s probably not a large enough death benefit to cover a mortgage or provide a lot of income replacement for an extended period.

Suppose you want final expense insurance and are not healthy enough to qualify for traditional coverage. In that case, it’s best to go with a simplified whole life insurance policy because it will be less expensive than a guaranteed acceptance policy.

How can I get good no medical exam life insurance policies rates?

no medical exam life insurance rates

No exam term life insurance plans are now becoming famous because of their no physical medical examination. This particular policy may be becoming more popular and highly competitively priced. Some decades ago, you would find very few insurance providers offering life insurance contracts without having a full physical examination including a blood draw.

Nowadays, a number of insurers are jumping on board. So, at this time multiple options are available for you, and hard to select the ideal one. Our goal is to provide you help in choosing the optimal insurance organization which meets your very own needs and budget.

No medical exam term life insurance plans will be advantageous for you but a big risk for the insurance company. If an insurance carrier is willing to offer policies with no medical history check, then the insurance organization is taking a huge risk.

To help manage some of the risks the insurance companies most likely will limit the coverage amounts for their no exam portfolio of products. Almost every one of the insurance carriers come with the protection amount within the reach of $25,000 to $400,000. Some may be as high as $1,000,000.

The amount that individuals need to pay out to the insurance company regarding terms of charges varies by age, Male or Female as well as the tobacco usage of each individual. Also, will depend on some of the facts which you supply to them for the insurance. For instance, a 45-year-old individual in good health.

Since he/she is definitely not a nicotine user as well as their medical record is good. He could possibly find a 20 year guaranteed life plan having a face amount of $100,000 with a payment between $30 and $50 a month based upon the company.

The best part of having our direct-to-consumer quote and apply online insurance software platform will be that this tool will certainly supply you with all of the information about the insurance company you need like what’s it cost. You can get the cost and also can apply right from the platform. Just answer a few questions.

Be aware that there are usually certain elements that you need to always keep in mind prior to you applying for life insurance coverage. Poor physical health can increase the price. Many people cannot understand that some factors like:

can double the rate. If one would have a past mental illness, would make the premiums be more expensive too.

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Life insurance policies with no medical exam online

no medical life insurance onlineMostly, Voice or electronic signature is used for the no medical exam term life insurance plan. Some insurance companies issue the policy on the same day. It totally depends on the insurance carrier that you choose.

Once you submit an application to obtain the best life insurance with no medical exam term life insurance plan things will be assessed by the insurance underwriter. In this verification process, they review every one of the responses and documents you provide them.  It will take almost 2 to 14 days to issue the policy.

This time duration is usually shorter than the customary process which also requires a physical examination.
Traditional insurance takes normally 30 to 90 days.

These things may cause a delay during the approval concerning your application:

  • Too many prescription medications
  •  Legal trouble such as a felony charge
  • A bankruptcy
  • A recent trip inside certain foreign countries

These are generally a few of the issues which can bring hurdles within the acceptance concerning one’s application.

What to expect when applying with our direct to consumer quote and apply platform

If perhaps you’ve thought about the advantages and disadvantages concerning a no medical exam term life insurance program and/or you are really prepared to submit an application, it’s a fairly easy process. Below include a couple of items a person could expect:

  1. Simply complete a few questions on our new direct to consumer quote and apply the platform to receive your quote. At this stage, the only health question you’ll have to answer is whether you currently use or have used tobacco or nicotine products. You shall pick the type and also the amount of protection you need, as well as how often you prefer to pay one’s premium. You’ll also have to put down your age and gender. At this point, you will see the quote immediately and can then decide whether you want to continue with the application process.
  1. It will show a list of insurance carriers who are interested in providing you protection, founded on your very own profile. You may print the list or email it to yourself so you can evaluate which company and product is right for you. Our website helps make it simple to get information about our insurers, like:
  • Company name and plan (for example, Sagicor/Simplified Issue, No Medical Exam)
  • Monthly premium
  • The health class you might be considered for
  •  The company’s A.M. Best rating (A.M. Best is a global insurance credit ratings and information service that lets you know the reliability of the carriers)
  • Company reviews are written by people just like yourself

Our team strongly recommends that you explore your choices and evaluate the insurance plans. Buying this policy is intended to help your family during a time when they’re extremely vulnerable, so it’s not a good idea to just pick the first option on the page. You’re already shortening the overall process by forgoing the healthcare checkup. One doesn’t want to speed through this component and pick the wrong plan for you. In case you have got any concerns or questions, certainly one of our trained agents will love to hear from you and meet you so we could assist you in making a great decision for you and your family for years to come.

  1. To get started, once you have run your quote just click on apply. What sort of questions might I see? One might expect to see:
  • History of substance or alcohol use or abuse. This will include any instances of driving while under the influence or other substance-related complications.
  • Family history. You’ll be asked if you have a family member who experienced a heart attack, a stroke, or cancer before turning 60.
  • Your personal medical history. Even if no one inside one’s immediate household has recently experienced any kind of medical emergencies, you shall be asked if you ever have used medication for high blood pressure or if ever have experienced any severe medical issues.

When answering the medical set of questions, make certain to respond to the questions truthfully, and honestly the best you can.
applying for life insuranceNever be inclined to hide information such as recent hospitalization or having already been denied life insurance coverage in the past. As we noted earlier, this information usually shows up in the data report from the Medical Information Bureau (MIB). If you have ever been to turndown it’s best to talk to an agent before applying again. Reducing the chances of getting turned down again. There are exceptions, though, so just be truthful when answering the questions. Honesty is always the right choice.

  1. Once your application is carefully reviewed, you can just submit it online. Most times it’s not necessary but a licensed Coach B. Insurance agent may have to get in touch with you to get information for the carrier or get more information so please make sure you leave a good email address and phone number to be reached. Here at Coach B. Insurance, we don’t send any automated calls, and your information will never be sold to a third party. We’ll only share your important information with the insurance organization you’ve chosen.
  1. Once one’s application becomes approved and the policy put in force, you personally may begin enjoying the comfort of knowing that comes from having the ones you love protected.

Taking the next step to buy life insurance without medical exam

buy life insurance without medical exam

In the event that you are extremely interested in becoming accepted quickly and also easily, consider a particular inexpensive no medical exam term life insurance policy for your family. We’ve informed you about several of the advantages of these plans, such as precious time saved and of course all about the no-hassle quote and apply application process. If you’re being honest on the questionnaire, you don’t experience any healthcare concerns lurking about, and you are extremely willing to spend a little bit extra per month, this no medical exam term life insurance plan is just what you have been looking for.

Take a look at Coach B. Life Insurance, today we represent over 50- outstanding insurance providers. We’re happy to be able to assist you to obtain the very best no exam life insurance premiums, and we will never try to push additional products on you. We are an Insurance Agency, not a call center. We never have had quotas to meet and we never will. If we can’t help your family we can’t help ours. We’re available for you, providing personal customer service you can count on.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What does no medical exam mean?

No medical exam means an insurance policy can be obtained without a medical examination. This type of policy is typically easier and faster to get but may have higher premiums or lower coverage amounts than procedures requiring a medical exam.

How much life insurance can you get with no medical exam?

The amount of life insurance you can get without a medical exam varies by insurance company and policy. Generally, you can get up to $1 million in coverage without a medical exam, but some companies may offer more or less. Comparing policies and prices is essential to find the best option for your needs.

When can I get life insurance without a medical exam?

When applying for simplified issue or guaranteed issue life insurance policies, you can typically get coverage without a medical exam. These policies are designed for individuals with health issues who cannot qualify for traditional life insurance policies. However, these policies may have higher premiums and lower coverage amounts than standard policies.

Can you borrow money from a no-exam life insurance policy?

It depends on the specific policy and the insurance company offering it. Some no-exam life insurance policies may offer a cash value component that allows you to borrow against the policy, while others may not. It's important to carefully review the terms and conditions of any life insurance policy before purchasing it to understand what options are available for borrowing money.

No medical exam life insurance companies

best no exam life insurance companies

Life Insurance No Medical Exam Comparison Chart

Life Insurance No Medical Exam Comparison Chart
Assurity Life Insurance

About Assurity

Assurity has long lived its mission of helping people through difficult times, with a heritage dating back to 1890.
Being a mutual organization is important, as it means Assurity has no shareholders or publicly traded stock, and that Assurity’s policyholders share in the ownership of the company. Ultimately, it means Assurity is in business to serve the interests of its policyholders.
Assurity provides life insurance, disability, and critical illness insurance, and voluntary employee benefits through independent brokers nationwide.

Product Features

Term Life With Accelerated Underwriting

  • Issue ages 18-65 years
  • Face amounts $25,000 to $10,000,000 (Face amounts above $500,000 for ages 18-50 and above $350,000 for ages 51-65 will require additional underwriting.)
  • No medical exam life insurance in most cases; medical records may be requested
  • Policy is convertible to a permanent policy prior to 2 years before the end of the term period, or when the insured reaches the age of 65
  • Term periods: 10, 15, 20, and 30 years
  • Application can be completed in 20-30 minutes
  • Applications can be signed digitally
  • Policies typically are approved and issued in a few days

Included Benefits

Accelerated Death Benefit

This rider provides an optional accelerated payment of life insurance proceeds to an insured who is terminally ill or expected to live in a nursing home until death. The eligible life insurance proceeds are equal to a percentage of the policy face amount or up to a total of $250,000 from all policies and riders on the insured issued by this company. The rider will be attached only at the time of issue if approved in the applicant’s state. No premium is charged for this benefit.

Conversion Option

Term Life with Accelerated Underwriting is convertible during the conversion period, which begins on the issue date of the policy and ends on the earlier of:

  • 1 year prior to the end of the level term period for the 10-year plan, or
  • 2 years prior to the end of the level term period for the 15-, 20-, and 30-year plans, or
  • The policy anniversary on which the insured has reached age 65

If the entire policy is converted, the policy owner will receive a conversion credit equal to the base premium paid during the first policy year. The conversion credit will be prorated for partial conversions.


Optional Benefits

Accident-only Disability Income Benefit Rider

Provides a monthly benefit if the insured becomes totally disabled as the result of a covered accident. “Total disability” is a condition resulting from an accidental injury and independent of all other causes that keep the insured from doing the important, substantial, and material duties of his or her own occupation and requires a physician’s care unless the insured has reached the maximum point of recovery.

Children’s Term Insurance Rider

Provides level-term insurance to age 25 on the insured’s children who are listed on the original application and children born to or adopted by the insured while the policy and this rider are in force.

Critical Illness Benefit Rider

Available in lump-sum benefit amounts from $20,000 to $100,000 and may not exceed the term face amount for the base insured or other insured. Assurity will pay a benefit if an insured person receives a first-ever diagnosis or procedure for one of the specified critical illnesses listed on the rider.

Fidelity Life Association

About Fidelity

Fidelity Life Association was founded in 1896 as Mystic Workers of the World, a fraternal benefit society designed to provide financial protection for the growing middle class of the Midwest and Northern states.

As Middle America grew, so did the organization. By 1915, life insurance in force reached $100 million. In 1929, the organization increased its assets by nearly 100 percent during the worst decade in U.S. financial history. Though it remained a fraternal benefit society, the organization changed its name to Fidelity Life Association in 1930. For the next few decades, Fidelity’s assets and the number of customers it served continued to grow.

Today, Fidelity Life is a well-capitalized life insurance company licensed to do business in all states except Wyoming and New York, with over $26 billion of life insurance in force. Fidelity is organized as a stock life insurance company subsidiary of Lifestory Interactive, with Members Mutual Holding Company as its ultimate parent. This organizational relationship provides Fidelity Life greater operational flexibility and access to capital. The company has a risk-based capital ratio that ranks in the top 10 percent of the U.S. life insurance industry and is rated A- (Excellent) by A.M. Best.

Product Features

Rapid Decision Express

  • Issue ages: 18-65 years
  • Face amounts: $25,000 to $250,000
  • No medical exam life insurance; no blood test, no urine test, no requests for medical records
  • MIB, MVD, and pharmacy records are checked
  • Term periods: 10, 15, 20, and 30 years
  • Application can be completed in 10-15 minutes
  • Applications can be signed digitally
  • Only Standard health class available. Standard non-nicotine, Standard nicotine
  • Approvals within 24-48 hours

Included Benefits

Accelerated Death Benefit

Advances up to 50% of the death benefit upon proof that the insured has a life expectancy of 12 months or less. Payable 2 years after issue. Varies by state.


Optional Benefits

Dependent Child Rider

Offers children of the primary insured (aged 20 to 60 years) who are ages 15 days to 18 years coverage from $5,000 to $25,000. Coverage ceases when the child reaches age 23 or the primary insured reaches age 65, or when the policy terminates, whichever comes first.

Accidental Death Benefit (ADB) Rider

Pays a benefit in the event of accidental death. It’s available at issue for primary insureds ages 20-65, in benefit amounts up to $250,000, and expires at age 80.

Nassue Re / Phoenix Life Insurance Company

About Phoenix Life

Founded in 1851, The Phoenix Companies, Inc. offers annuities and life insurance designed to meet income and protection needs of families and individuals planning for or living in retirement. Products are available primarily through independent agents and financial professionals.

Phoenix’s life insurance products offer a spectrum of death benefit protection, living benefits in case of critical, chronic, or terminal illness, and unique options for leaving a legacy to young beneficiaries, such as college tuition assistance and annual birthday gifts. Cash value accumulation features provide flexibility to meet a variety of needs. The company’s long history of product innovation drives ongoing development of competitive offerings for today’s marketplace.

Product Features

SI – Safe Harbor Term

  • Available for ages 18 through 80 for 10-year term
  • Term lengths: 10, 15, 20, and 30 years
  • Coverage amounts: $50,000 to $500,000
  • Life insurance with no medical exam
  • Included living benefits for critical illness, chronic illness, and terminal illness
  • The Safe Harbor Term product typically takes 7-14 days to issue. The Safe Harbor Term Express product is issued the same day (Standard to table 4 rating health class)
  • The 20-year term product is convertible to a permanent policy within the first 10 years
  • Application is taken over the phone (takes about 25 minutes) and signed digitally
  • MVD, MIB, and pharmacy records are checked during underwriting, and medical records may be requested. No medical records requested for the Express product

Included Benefits

Chronic Illness Benefit

Gives you the option to receive a portion of the death benefit early if you are certified by a physician as being unable to perform at least 2 activities of daily living (bathing, continence, dressing, eating, toileting, and transferring), or if you require substantial supervision because of severe cognitive impairment.

Critical Illness Benefit

Gives you the option to receive a portion of the death benefit early if you receive a diagnosis of heart attack, stroke, cancer, renal failure, or ALS, or you need a major organ transplant.

Terminal Illness Benefit

Gives you the option to receive 95% of the death benefit early if you become terminally ill with a life expectancy of 1 year or less.

Optional Benefits

Unemployment Rider

Waives 6 months’ worth of premiums if you become unemployed for at least 4 weeks.

  • Automatically included, at no additional cost, for issue ages 18-60
  • You must exercise this rider within 90 days of qualification
  • You must be receiving state or federal unemployment benefits to qualify
  • Waiting period of 24 months from date of issue applies
  • One-time election
  • Terminates at age 65 and at end of term period

Accidental Death Benefit Rider

Pays an additional lump sum death benefit if you die as the result of a covered accident.

  • Additional premium required
  • Must be elected at issue
  • You must be under age 65 at issue
  • Terminates when you reach age 70
  • Maximum benefit of $250,000


Sagicor Life Insurance Company

About Sagicor

Sagicor Life Insurance Company is a full-service life insurance company that helps clients make wise financial decisions today to ensure that they’re protected tomorrow. Licensed in 45 states and the District of Columbia, Sagicor is rated A- (Excellent) by A.M. Best (4th-best out of 16 possible ratings). This rating is based on Sagicor’s financial strength and ability to meet its ongoing obligations. Sagicor is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sagicor Financial Corporation, one of the oldest insurance groups in the Americas, with operations in 22 countries, mainly in the United States, Latin America, and the Caribbean. Sagicor is committed to offering customers world-class service with integrity and value.

Product Features

Sagicor Simplified Issue Term Life Insurance

  • Issue age: 18-65 years
  • Face amounts: $50,000 to $500,000
  • Preferred non-tobacco, Standard non-tobacco, Preferred tobacco, Standard tobacco and Substandard health classes
  • No medical exams, body fluids or attending physician statements
  • Application can be completed in 20-25 minutes
  • Policies issued within 1-7 business days

Included Benefits

Accelerated Benefit Insurance Rider

Included at no additional cost, the accelerated benefit insurance rider will help cover medical costs or nursing home care by allowing you to use a portion of the death benefit if you become terminally ill or confined to a nursing home facility. The benefit received is the lesser of 50% of the policy face amount or $300,000.

Nursing Home Confinement

An accelerated benefit will be paid (in monthly payments) if you are continuously confined to a nursing home facility for 180 days and are expected to remain confined until you die.

Conversion Option

Conversion to a permanent life policy is available prior to the policy anniversary following your 70th birthday.

Spousal Discount

If both you and your spouse purchase policies, one of the policies will receive a $35 discount.

Optional Benefits

Children’s Term Rider

Provides term life insurance protection for your children, ages 15 days to 19 years, and remains in force for each child until the earlier of age 25 or marriage. If eligible, at the end of the term period the benefit may be converted to a qualified permanent life insurance policy for up to 5 times the original amount, regardless of the child’s current health. (Available on fully underwritten applications only.)

Accidental Death Benefit Rider

If you die as the result of an accident, as defined in this rider, your beneficiaries will receive an additional death benefit.

Waiver of Premium Rider

Waives the premium payments if you become totally disabled for at least 6 months. If the total disability ceases, you simply resume making premium payments to keep the policy in force.

Mutual of Omaha Life Insurance Company

About United of Omaha

For more than a century, Mutual of Omaha Insurance Company (Mutual of Omaha) has been there to keep its promises to customers. The company is strong, stable, secure, and ready to meet your insurance and financial needs. Through good times and bad, you can have confidence in Mutual of Omaha.

A subsidiary of mutual insurance giant Mutual of Omaha, United of Omaha Life Insurance offers a range of protection and retirement products to employer groups and individuals, including life insurance, fixed annuities, and related financial products and services in all states but New York (where sister firm Companion Life Insurance Company of New York operates).

Product Features

Term Life Express

  • Issue ages: 18-65 years
  • Face amounts: $25,000 to $300,000, ages 18-50; $25,000 to $250,000, ages 51-65
  • No medical exam life insurance; medical records may be requested
  • Standard non-tobacco and Standard tobacco health classes
  • Term periods: 10, 15, 20, and 30 years
  • Automatically included riders: terminal illness, chronic illness, and critical illness, residential damage, waiver of premium for unemployment, common carrier death benefit provision
  • Application can be completed by phone in 20-25 minutes
  • A policy with a 5-year premium guarantee is available, but we do not sell it — we only sell the policies that are guaranteed level for the full term
  • Policies typically take 1-10 days to issue

Included Benefits

Chronic Illness Rider

Provides an accelerated death benefit if the insured is certified by a physician within the last 12 months as unable to perform 2 of 6 activities of daily living for 90 consecutive days, or requires substantial supervision to protect himself or herself from threats to health and safety as the result of severe cognitive impairment.

Terminal Illness Rider

Provides an accelerated death benefit if the insured provides evidence that his or her life expectancy is 12 months or less.

Critical Illness Rider

Provides an accelerated death benefit if the insured has been certified by a physician as having one or more of the following conditions within the last 12 months: ALS, kidney failure, life-threatening cancer, major organ failure, heart attack, or stroke.

Residential Damage Rider

If the insured’s primary residence sustains damage valued at $25,000 or more, the premium of the base policy and all riders are waived for a 6-month period.

Waiver of Premium for Unemployment Rider

In the event of qualifying unemployment, United of Omaha waives the premium for the base plan and all riders for a 6-month period.

Common Carrier Death Benefit Provision

If the insured dies in an accident while he or she is a fare-paying passenger on a common carrier (e.g., airplane, train, or bus), this rider provides an additional death benefit equal to 100 percent of the original face amount or $250,000, whichever is less.


Optional Benefits

Disability Income Rider

With this rider, the insured can apply (at issue) for a maximum monthly disability income benefit equal to the lesser of:

  • 1.5 percent of the face amount at issue, or
  • $3,000 per month, or
  • 60 percent of his or her monthly gross income

The insured can apply for either an 18- or 30-month benefit. The monthly income amount and the benefit period cannot be changed after issue. The elimination period is 90 days.*
* In Maryland, there’s a 120-day elimination period.
Availability may vary by product.

Disability Waiver of Premium Rider

If the insured becomes disabled and is unable to work, the premium for the base policy and all riders is waived through the level period. The elimination period is 90 days.** This benefit continues as long as the insured is disabled. If the insured does not become disabled prior to the earlier of the end of the level period or age 60, the benefit is no longer available.
**In Maryland, there’s a 120-day elimination period.

Accidental Death Benefit (ADB) Rider

This rider can only be added at issue, and the issue age of the base insured must be 18 to 55. The rider terminates and the premiums stop at the earlier of: the end of the level period, or the anniversary date of the policy following the insured reaching age 65. The benefit amounts available are based on the issue age of the base insured and are as follows:

  • Minimum ADB amount: $10,000
  • Maximum ADB amount: issue ages 18-25: $100,000; issue ages 26-55: $250,000 (or the face amount, if less)

Dependent Children’s Rider

Can be added at issue only and is available for the base insured only. Face amounts are $5,000 and $10,000. The rider terminates and the premiums stop at the earlier of: the anniversary date after the insured reaches age 65, when the youngest child reaches age 23, or when the base policy terminates.

Accident Indemnity Rider

Pays an additional death benefit if the insured dies as the result of an accidental bodily injury. Double the additional amount is payable if the accidental bodily injury occurs while the insured is a fare-paying passenger on a common carrier. Death must occur within 90 days from the accident and before the insured is age 70. The insured cannot be engaged in a hazardous occupation, as determined by the company.

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