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Our promise to you:

Here at Coach B. we let you buy not get sold to.
Coach B. will only provide the best options for you.
Coach B. will keep your information private.

Let Coach B. Shop for Your Life Insurance Online!

We will do your personal life insurance shopping for you!

Provide us with a little information, and the first available Coach B. agent will assist you.

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Your information is secure.
We have the same online security that banks use.

At Coach B., your privacy is important to us. 

Coach B. promises you will not get automated calls, and your information won’t be sold to third parties.

The information we gather will only be shared with the insurance carriers you’re applying to.

Let Coach B. Shop For Your Life Insurance!

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1. If We let Coach B.  Shop for Our Life Insurance,  does it cost anything?  Can I apply for a Life Insurance policy on my own? 

No. Applying for a life insurance policy through Coach B. is completely free, with no costs of any kind. Once you are approved and have accepted the policy you will make premium payments to the life insurance company.  Yes.  You can apply on your own.

2. Do I have to go through with the policy if I change my mind? 

No.  If you happen to change your mind, there is no obligation whatsoever.  You can walk away with no fees or penalties.

3. When will my policy go into effect?

Really this depends on the type of policy you choose.  Some are instant like TruStage Life Insurance and some could take 30 days.

4. Is it possible to get life insurance if I’ve had health issues like cancer, heart attack, or a stroke?

Yes, you can. We deal with all A-rated life insurance companies with every type of life insurance policy they might offer. This helps us to find the very best policy option for everyone, even the people with history — or family history — of having cancer, heart attack, and any other major health issues. It’s best to contact us if any one of these situations are in play so we can shop for your life insurance.

5. Can you buy a life insurance policy outright.

Sure.  You can get your quotes and apply online below in the quote box.

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