Cheap Life Insurance

Buying term life, comparing online quotes, and knowing how many companies set their premiums can help you find a cheaper life insurance policy.

Cheap Life Insurance

Cheap Life Insurance Quotes Online

 Finding cheap life insurance quotes online is easier now than before. There are two ways to get cheap life insurance for families: directly from the company website and through independent insurance agents. Also, remember that each life insurance provider charges different premiums for a similar amount of coverage, so it is wise to shop around first to find the best deal before deciding to get one. Here at Coach B, we can find the cheapest life insurance companies and guide you in finding the best company that suits your individual needs and budget.

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Nine Factors Affecting Pricing For Cheap Term Life Insurance

  1. Length of the term
  2. Age
  3. Amount of the coverage that you need
  4. Gender
  5. Family
  6. Health history
  7. Tobacco use
  8. Occupation
  9. Hobbies

pricing for cheap life insuranceLength of Term: In this case, the longer your term is, the higher premium to pay. 

Amount of Coverage: The number of benefits and the type of life insurance will dictate your monthly premium. Therefore, the more comprehensive your coverage is, the higher rates will be.

Age: It is the most crucial factor that will determine the cost of an insurance policy. Hence, the older you are, there is the higher chance of filing a claim, and so the more you need to pay higher. 

Gender: Women, according to statistics, live longer than men. So, insurance companies are giving higher rates for men.

Health and Family History: Questions about health and family history are an important part of any insurance provider’s underwriting process. It will help them determine how risky you are as an insured. 

Bad Habits and Lifestyle: If you are a chain smoker, it will come out on the result of your medical exam. Smoking and other bad habits like drinking alcohol are detrimental to health. Also, if you are doing a risky job and dangerous hobbies like sky diving, hiking, and others, it may affect the rates.

Cheap Life Insurance Policies

SBLI Getting life insurance is crucial for the whole family as it can offer security, so it is essential to look for the right policy that suits your needs. However, it does not mean that you should tradeoff quality over the cheapest policy. It is still possible to acquire a comprehensive plan, even a cheap life insurance no medical exam policy without breaking the bank. It is easier to scout for the best plan that fits into your budget if you start young, get a term life policy, and compare quotes from diverse insurance providers. Comparing quotes can save you around $1,300 every year.

Cheap Life Insurance Rate table

When it comes to cheap life insurance without a medical exam, you may consider the following companies. SBLI, Assurity, Mutual of Omaha and Foresters is far way more affordable than others.  These companies can offer the best deal when it comes to life insurance packages.  These carriers are known for providing affordable life insurance with no medical exam.

Cheap Life Insurance Companies

 One of the biggest reasons for acquiring life insurance is to take care of your loved ones once you are gone. Therefore, your family’s security is in the hands of the insurance company, so better to choose one with a good reputation of providing quality and affordability at the same time. Aside from the three companies mentioned above, take a look at the list below if want you know where to get cheap life insurance with full medical exam underwriting.

  • Banner Life: This company is on top of the list when it comes to the cheapest coverage with the lowest monthly premium of $46.63. This amount is based on a healthy 35-year-old woman and acquired a 20- year term policy.
  • Pacific Life: It lands in the second place to offer a $46.72 monthly premium rate. 
  • Principal: This insurance provider can offer an approximately $47.18 monthly rate for an average healthy individual.
  • Protective: You can get as low as a $57.32 monthly premium from Protective Life Insurance. 

Using online platforms like Coach B’s quote and apply can help you to compare prices and packages from different insurance providers. Also, getting the help of an independent insurance provider like Coach B. can save you time and money because they will make the comparison for you according to your unique needs and budget.

Cheap Life Insurance Quotes

Buying life insurance is one of the biggest decisions that you will make in your life. Therefore, it is important not to rush if you want to find cheap life insurance. It is crucial to know first how much you and your family needs, your financial stability, and what type of policy suits you. 

Busy individuals who want to get cheap life insurance quotes can count on Coach B. to compare different free quotes available online from diverse insurance providers. It is possible to get cheap life insurance with no physical exam, especially if you get quotations from different providers. However, prices may vary depending on the type and coverage you choose and personal factors like your age, gender, and health status. 

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