Life insurance and Chewing Tobacco Drug Test

In nicotine testing, chewing tobacco shows up, which usually means you will pay higher premiums, but some insurers are friendlier to smokeless tobacco users.

life insurance for smokeless tobacco users

Life insurance and chewing tobacco users

What is a life insurance premiumA person who smokes and wants to get life insurance is well aware that it can increase their premium. However, some use smokeless tobacco, thinking that it is a better option. The truth is that any kind of tobacco can affect the price of a monthly premium. The world of life insurance has changed for the better. Many insurers are now becoming lenient for tobacco users. Read on to find out what are available options for you.

What Is smokeless tobacco?

Insurance providers are knowledgeable about different vices that can affect the health of individuals. Cigarette smoking is not the only way for insurers to use tobacco. For instance, the use of smokeless tobacco is still an important higher monthly premium. It has a similar side effect on the body as smoking a cigarette. 

Moreover, there are different types of smokeless tobacco, like snuff and chewing tobacco. Chewing is in the form of leaves, plug forms, and twists. A snuff is available in dry and moist, and you can buy it sachet form. It is the most sought after type of smokeless tobacco today, especially for younger people. According to statistics, almost 10 million Americans use it to substitute cigarette smoking. However, health professionals warn the public of its many risks to health. 

Harmful effects of smokeless tobacco alternative

life insurance for smokersAlthough cigarettes are more harmful than smokeless tobacco, both of them are related to causing oral cancer. Also, not only cancer but a number of health-related conditions. The use of smokeless tobacco can:

  • Lead to addiction to a substance called nicotine
  • Cause serious health risks like cancer of the pancreas, mouth, and esophagus
  • Increase the likelihood of developing mouth disorders
  • Elevate risk of cardiovascular diseases like heart attack
  • Increase the risk of death due to stroke

The World Health Organization warns the public against the use of smokeless tobacco. The nicotine content of it can lead to sudden death caused by ventricular arrhythmias. It is a heart condition wherein the heart suddenly stops beating normally. It is the reason why many insurers are skeptical about giving affordable insurance coverage to smokeless tobacco users. 

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Probability of Higher Premiums When Buying Life Insurance For Smokeless Tobacco Users 

life insurance cost - coach b insuranceGenerally, people who are using any product with tobacco pay a higher premium than those who do not. The reason is that they are likely to die at a young age because of diverse health complications. 

About 20% of the deaths in the United States are related to tobacco use. The data is more than the death caused by accidents, murders, and HIV/AIDS when combined. There is one in every six individuals die every second because of diseases that relate to tobacco use.

People cannot blame the life insurance industry for providing higher monthly premiums for users. The reason is that insurers need to pay earlier for the death benefits of the insured.

There is no doubt that you will pay a higher price, but you can shop for the best deal. Numerous insurers can offer the best insurance coverage. There are many factors involved in this situation, so it is advisable for you to ask for the help of an experienced insurance agent.

A Coach B. Life Insurance Professional would be glad to talk to you about this. They can help you scout for the best deals. A licensed and well-versed insurance agent already has a list of insurance companies offering the best policy for someone that smokes, dips, or chews.  Just call 1-800-342-1537 and we will be glad to help.

Moreover, if you are a tobacco user now, it does not mean that you need to deal with a higher premium forever. There are cases when users quit while having the policy. If you have already quit for one year, you can ask your insurance provider for a re-evaluation.

However, there is a need to undergo some medical examinations again. For instance, you might need to do blood tests, urine tests, and an x-ray. All of these tests can tell your current health condition. It is possible to decrease the premium after a good medical result. Quitting can give you a lot of possible advantages. 

No Exam Life Insurance For Smokers

no medical examOnce you decide to get life insurance, the very first thing that the agent will ask is about your tobacco use. They will ask about your current use or frequency of use. Also, they want to know if you have already quit using it for at least a year.

These are necessary questions that you must answer with all honesty. Honesty will get you the best policy. Providing false information is bad for you as it can result in the termination of the contract.

It does not matter what tobacco product you are using or have used before as an insurer will likely give you a higher premium. Most insurers will only accept you as tobacco-free if you have already quit using it for more than five years. However, some can offer you a much better option if you have already quit for one or more years.

The time you quit and application matters when it comes to lowering down the premium. It is the reason it is better to shop around to find the best deals. Getting an insurance agent’s service is one of the keys to successfully finding coverage that suits you.

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Nicotine Gum Life Insurance

If you are using smokeless tobacco or any product with similar content, you need to disclose the information to the insurer. Giving false information is a form of fraud. Also, the truth will surely come out from your medical examination result. These substances can stay inside the body system for days, weeks, and even months. It depends on how long you stop using it.

The truth is that insurers can give you higher rates, but some may also refuse you. It can happen if your medical exam shows many health conditions that can make you at risk. Lying is not worth it, and it is not an assurance that you will get the policy. Also, an insurer can file a case against you for fraud.

Another option for many is a no medical exam policy. It may sound like the best choice, but this insurance coverage still offers a slightly higher premium. However, it is, most of the time, much higher than the regular policy of a smoker. The company will not get any knowledge about your current health status. So that made you a riskier client. They will try to cover these risks by giving higher premiums.

Term Life Insurance For Tobacco Users

A smokeless user can find many choices, especially if they will choose to do an online search. Today, almost all insurance brokers have their websites. You can fill out a free online quotation and compare the pricing of different insurers at Coach B. Life Insurance. However, it will require your time and effort, but it’s all worth it. If you have the time to shop online, you will surely find many options for the best life coverage for smokeless tobacco users.

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