Life insurance and Chewing Tobacco Drug Test

In nicotine testing, chewing tobacco shows up, which usually means you will pay higher premiums, but some insurers are friendlier to smokeless tobacco users.


life insurance and chewing tobacco

Does chewing tobacco affect life insurance

does chewing tobacco affect life insuranceA person who smokes and wants to get life insurance is well aware that it can increase their premium. However, some use smokeless tobacco, thinking that it is a better option. The truth is that any kind of tobacco can affect the price of a monthly premium. The world of life insurance has changed for the better. Many insurers are now becoming lenient for tobacco users. Read on to find out what are available options for you.

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Best life insurance for smokeless tobacco users

best life insurance for smokeless tobacco usersInsurance providers are knowledgeable about different vices that can affect the health of individuals. Cigarette smoking is not the only way for insurers to use tobacco. For instance, the use of smokeless tobacco is still an important higher monthly premium. It has a similar side effect on the body as smoking a cigarette. 

Moreover, there are different types of smokeless tobacco, like snuff and chewing tobacco. Chewing is in the form of leaves, plug forms, and twists. A snuff is available in dry and moist, and you can buy it sachet form. It is the most sought after type of smokeless tobacco today, especially for younger people. According to statistics, almost 10 million Americans use it to substitute cigarette smoking. However, health professionals warn the public of its many risks to health. 

How long does chewing tobacco stay in your system

how long does chewing tobacco stay in your systemPeople also process nicotine differently depending on their genetics. Generally, nicotine will leaves your blood within 1 to 3 days after you stop using tobacco, and cotinine will be gone after 1 to 10 days. Neither nicotine nor cotinine will be detectable in your urine after 3 to 4

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How long does chewing tobacco stay in your blood for insurance

how long does chewing tobacco stay in your blood for insuranceAccording to doctors, for most men who chew tobacco daily, it takes up to 7 days for nicotine (cotinine) to leave your bloodstream. If you only use dip or chew a few times a month, “weekend dipper,” then nicotine will probably be out of your system in around five days.

Life insurance for dippers

life insurance for dippersUnfortunately, most tobacco dippers are paying smoking rates for life insurance coverage. They think that chewing tobacco affects life insurance and will cause premiums to increase. The big misconception is that smokeless tobacco users can only qualify for the same risk category as smokers.

That’s NOT TRUE!

Do insurance companies test for nicotine in blood

do insurance companies test for nicotine in bloodIf your policy includes a medical exam, the professional will ask questions about your health, including whether you smoke, chew, or use smokeless tobacco products. You’ll also take a urine and blood test during your exam, which detects nicotine levels in your system.

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