You Should Be Using An Independent Insurance Agent

Insurance is complicated. It’s an agent’s business to understand it and communicate it to you, so you know it as well. In almost all cases, an ordinary consumer will benefit from having someone who deals with this subject for a living advise them on a 50+ page contract. If there are any hidden surprises, a licensed agent is the one equipped to know where they are.

using an Independent Insurance agent

Why Use An Independent Insurance Agent

life insurance questions - coach b insuranceIt is possible to shop around all by yourself for life insurance coverage. However, most people find it a daunting task. It is true, especially if you are not familiar with what you are looking for. There are vast arrays of insurers and plans to choose from that can make the task harder. The choices are endless, so you can find everything that you need in just one package. It will depend on your financial ability to pay for the monthly premium. 

Moreover, people are most of the time overwhelmed with lots of choices available on the internet. Hence, some people seek help from an agent who is working for a particular insurance provider. If you ask help from an agent working solely from an insurer, you will get an offering based only on their products. However, you will also get good advice from them according to what the company they can offer. However, it will limit your options. Using an independent insurance agent will give you a much different experience.

Using An Independent Insurance Agent That Will Work For You

choosing a life insurance companyIf you opt for using an independent insurance agent like Coach B, they will work to your advantage, not for a specific insurer. It is imperative because an agent will not push you to buy a particular provider’s particular policy. They will search for a policy from various insurers that is according to your needs and budget. Moreover, an agent will give you a long list of choices that suits you best. By using an independent insurance agent they will work for your satisfaction alone. 

At Coach B, you will have your shopper or advisor who can answer all your inquiries and concerns. Therefore, you can make a wise decision by comparing the pros and cons of each policy from different insurers. These agents will give you honest and useful advice. Agents working for you have a connection from other reputable insurance providers. Also, you can use their experienced and expertise in the field to find the best deals. If you get their service, you can ensure that you will get the best value for your hard-earned money.

Flexibility in Shopping for Life Insurance Coverage With Independent Life Insurance Agents

converting term life insuranceIn case you are unhappy with your insurance policy, then an independent agent can help you find an insurer that can offer everything you need in just one package. It means that you do not need to think of the provider, focusing on the policy. An agent from Coach B. Life Insurance will do all the research for you and only provide you with a list of the best insurance providers in the field. 

Moreover, the broker serves as the bridge between you and the insurer that you need. By doing this, you can ensure that there will be no breakdown in service, and you can save a lot of time. 

Furthermore, you will get an unbiased opinion on various insurance policies and coverage. You can depend on their advice without hesitation. If you are thinking of commission, they receive close to the same amount from each insurer, so they will not vouch for a particular company. Aside from that, after getting the approval, the work of an independent agent does not stop. They will monitor your policy and review it to determine if you are getting what you are paying for before it’s delivered.

Professional and Experienced Independent Brokers

Life insurance policyEach insurance broker is well trained with a high standard of professionalism. Mostly, they earn from a commission given by these insurance companies. So, you are the primary source of income. It is the reason why they need to keep clients happy and satisfied with their work. They have a long list of contacts from different reputable insurers. Also, they already established a good and strong relationship with each other. 

A broker with long years of experience in the business already has a wider portfolio than an insurance agent working for a particular company. Additionally, they have experience in a complicated claim from their past clients. For instance, a claim against the policy so they are already well-versed in and out of insurance claims. You can count on their service until the time that your family needs to claim after your passing. 

All independent agents are bonded and licensed according to the location where they operate. Therefore, it means that you are secured if an agent does a fraudulent transaction that is deemed harmful to you. It is good to always ask for their licensed number so you can check.

Benefits of Indepedent insurance agents

Also, an agent working alone is well informed of the latest events and news in the insurance industry. It comes from various dealings with different insurance providers. Therefore, you can ensure that you are only getting choices from the latest offerings regarding the insurance policy. An agent working for a particular company only knows about the company products and everything related to the company where they are working. 

You will gain the freedom to choose from different insurance companies and find a product that suits your needs and budget. In case you want to change your policy in the future, then your agent can help you look for another policy from a different insurer. They will be the ones to contact your current insurer and look for a new one. You do not have to go outside and leave your home. It is possible to do everything via phone call or video call if you are comfortable with it. 

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After starting his financial career with Phoenix Home Life Insurance Company back in 1992, Scott decided he wanted to provide people with an easier and more enjoyable way to buy life insurance. That was the start of Coach B. Life Insurance, whose mission is to be transparent, honest, and helpful to customers — without ever bugging or pushing them.

In the years since then, he has worked tirelessly to improve the process of shopping for insurance. His goal is to make sure that everyone who comes to Coach B. — whether they end up buying a policy or not — has the best possible experience.

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